Marvel: Thor Becomes A Woman (…Or The Ultimate Omnisexual)

marvel disney smallMarvel is constantly surprising its fans in keeping its storylines fresh. Well, today the comics giant didn’t wait for Comic-Con later this month to make a major "thunderous" announcement about Thor, Norse God Of Thunder. Employing its Disney-owned synergy with The View, Marvel used that show to announce that the next person to wield Mjölnir, the mighty hammer of Thor, is going to be a woman. Thor as woman3“It’s a huge day in the Marvel Universe,” the show’s Whoopi Goldberg said. “Thor he messed up, and he’s no longer worthy to hold that damn hammer of his. For the first time in history, that hammer is being held by a woman. That’s right. Thor is a woman!”

Marvel editor Wil Ross said later on the company’s website that Thor as a woman will debut in October: “The inscription on Thor’s hammer reads ‘Whosoever holds this hammer, if HE be worthy, shall possess the power of Thor.’ Well it’s time to update that inscription. And this new Thor isn’t a temporary female substitute – she’s now the one and only Thor, and she is worthy!”

So why is Marvel creating this new female hero? I think several factors are at work. First, rival Warner Bros/DC Comics plans to include Wonder Woman in its upcoming Justice League movie and then spin her off into her own franchise. Second, so-called women’s movies and women action heroes have taken off at the box office. Third, the first two Thor films starring Chris Hemsworth were always marketed to women. Fourth, I heard Hemsworth wasn’t anxious to go back into that arduous diet and training regimen and subsist primarily on egg whites for Thor 3 or The Avengers 3. Fifth, it’s doubtful that Marvel wanted to cough up the big bucks necessary to keep Hemsworth starring as the franchise title character so here’s a cheap way to reboot the series by changing the leading man into a leading woman. Sixth, Thor has become the ultimate omnisexual (cooler than heterosexual, homosexual or metrosexual). Finally, Marvel has simply gone off its rocker.

Marvel called it "an all-new era" for the God of Thunder – "one of the most shocking and exciting changes ever to shake one of the Big Three" characters – in the brand new series written by Jason Aaron with art from Russell Dauterman whose cover #1 is above right.

The new Thor "is the latest in the ever-growing and long list of female-centric titles that continues to invite new readers into the Marvel Universe," Thoraswoman2the company said. "Thor will be the 8th title to feature a lead female protagonist and aims to speak directly to an audience that long was not the target for super hero comic books in America: women and girls."

In the past a few other people have taken Thor’s mantle when he wasn’t able, but only those deemed worthy by the divine hammer. (No one else can even lift it.) But this is the first time in Marvel history that a woman has both the divine hammer and the title. Marvel did release an illustration but didn’t reveal the woman’s identity, presumably keeping that for Comic-Con. Series writer Jason Aaron wanted to be clear that “This is not She-Thor. This is not Lady Thor. This is not Thorita. This is THOR. This is the THOR of the Marvel Universe. But it’s unlike any Thor we’ve ever seen before.” [FYI, there is a "Thor Girl", created by writer Dan Jurgens and artist John Romita Jr, who first appeared in Thor Tears of the Gods Vol. 2 #22 (April 2000) and in the 2011 six-issue limited series Fear Itself: Youth In Revolt.]

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  1. Wow guys calm down. If you were reading the comics, you would know that Thor became unworthy himself, so he deserves this. Maybe not being succeded by a girl, but he has to step down because those are the rules. And anyways, just because you stuck-up tight wads are offended and upset, doesn’t mean you’re right. If you really enjoyed comics, you would give it a chance before bashing it. And if not, just read another damn comic. Whatever they lose in fans from you they will gain two-fold in new fans who aren’t stuck in the past. Lighten up.

  2. I am extremely offended with this bs of a change. Thor is not owned by marvel, he was taken from a religion, which made it cool! I don’t have anything against female characters, in fact I love all marvel characters, but if they think they can mess around with a big boy title like Thor and try replacing him, I don’t care what they say! They are changing the gender and personality of Thor. I hear them always saying, ‘it’s a completely new better Thor’ and ‘the one and only Thor’ and how excited they are about the change. I won’t stand for it, marvel will completely lose not only a huge fan, but respect from a lot more than just this one. Just because you can’t make up a new character who can stand up to superman, hulk, ironman, batman or any of the big names doesn’t mean you should change any of the big names. We know they try to kill off some of the big heroes to make room for the new generation heroes, I’m not going to tell you how to go about it, I’m just saying you’re doing it all wrong.

  3. Why do they have to market comics especially towards women? Why can’t we just read regular comics like dudes do, I mean… Most girls would rather read about the buff, manly superheroes anyways. Also, they’re killing an entire fan base by making this drastic change to such an awesome comic.

  4. If you read, Marvel said"It’s Thor" but Thor Girl exists; she is Tarene, and they said that, i guess, for more audience only. she have a gold hammer too and she is powerfull.

  5. Some pretty lacking research here. It’s been clearly stated by Marvel that this is for the comic books _only_ and not the movies. We’ll be getting Mr. Hemsworth for some time to come. And if anyone doesn’t think this will last more than a few arcs before Thor is "worthy" again…c’mon. This has only happened a gazillion times to Superman, Batman and Captain America, and the original always comes back. It’s a creative gamble that to me is a fun idea. I don’t read monthly comics much anymore and yes, I used to get mad when a book would pull a stunt (when Storm last her powers in the 80′s I was LIVID, I tell you! And then I turned 17.)

  6. Please stop trying to force this shit on loyal fans to cashgrab from pseudo-movie fans. This is really F**** stupid and it’s been done a MILLION TIMES BEFORE IN MARVEL and female clone characters are totally LAME. It’s getting REALLY OLD and it will flop and Thor will return of course. IM A GURL BTW> :I

    1. Yes this is going to make me stop reading honestly. They shouldn’t mess with the base of a character. Doesn’t help that I’m norse and fallow norse faith. If they wanted to have a leading femal heroin then there are a plethora of them they could have chosen.

  7. They couldn’t they just make a new characters for girls, not just still one.. Plus this is a viking god and they are make him into a joke.

  8. Jennifer Lawrence is obviously the best choice. She adds that incredible depth and presence to every role…but now sadly she is too big and there is a big chance she will say no :( I have the feeling that with any other actress it will be just fine but not amazing as it would be with Jennifer…

  9. Ummm….why is no one mentioning that Hemsworth is already signed on for Avengers 3 and Thor 3. This small change in the comics (where the way Thor comes to Earth is completely different from the films) does not necessarily mean squat as far as the movies go.

  10. Ya right ,like whats next IRON MAN(Tony stark) will be a dwarf !!!!! Come on man…this is not making MARVEL …its turning it into complete and utter DC!! MAjor characters are disappearing here!!!

  11. Comics are written by kids that read them and grew up to be the ultimate fan boys. Like all fan boys they can’t resist rebooting, retconning, and respinning the characters they inherited to satisfy the "What If?" urge. Unfortunately, their ADHD attention span reduces the ability of the customer base to care about the story or characters. They also spend so much time trying to repackage preexisting content that they fail to create interesting new content. In a way, blockbuster video games and movies have also fallen into this pattern.

  12. Stop. Just stop. What is WRONG with you people? Imagine the reaction if you decided to post a comic of Jesus as a woman? This whole thing of taking a god from an actively practiced religion, discarding all but the very basics and making up shit as you go along? It’s disrespectful in the extreme, and in a manner you would start wars over if people did it with yours.

    1. Um…. this Thor is a comic character… certainly not the God… or did he fight aliens in Norse mythology?? So they’ll do what they want, as they always have…

      1. Um Thor is not just a comic book character he is far more than that. He is very much as real as Jesus Christ or any other God that people believe. Just because he is not your so called precious Jesus Christ who came along after the Norse Gods does not make him any less real.

    2. "This whole thing of taking a god from an actively practiced religion" Really? are you serious? Where exactly would the Church of Valhalla be based? Scandanavia has been christian for the better part of a thousand years, unless you’re talking about a handful of rather daft heavy metal fans.

      1. Asatru, Odinism, Wotanism; to name just three. Have you heard of Wikipedie? Do some research. Look it up. Move out of your preconceived opinions and learn something new. You might be glad you did.

    3. I totally agree. This is amazingly stupid and profoundly disrespectful. This is a living religion in parts if Sweden, Norway and Denmark. This is exactly the same as making Jesus or Buddha a woman. This is the kind of thing that happens when people know nothing about actual history or ethnic heritage. I’m elated whenever another woman becomes powerful like Marissa Mayer, CEO of Yahoo! That’s NOT what this is about. This is stupidity at a stunning level.

  13. This is completely bullshit for two reasons: it has been long past since having the hammer = being Thor. When Beta Ray Bill wields Mjolnir he is not Thor, he is BRB and Thor is Thor. Secondly, because of what they’re doing to Thor. Thor’s lightning powers and loads of other’s come from himself, the hammer enhances and gives him better control in addition to having extra tricks, but that is it. So why the new brooding look? Hell, he should just cash in some favour from the x-men and get some power control training with Storm, and he is pretty much almost as good to go as before. And as for flight, I think he has a brother that can give him some magic tips (wouldn’t be the first time) or enchant some trinkets. Finally, Thor is not a title, it is a personal name…. Next, Freya is now called Odin because she is doing the job her husband used to do…. I had no problems with a woman wielding the hammer, sounds awesome. But then comes the actual plot lines and the actual arguments from Marvel heads, and they all stink of retarded execs and marketeers who think creative "products" can be handled the same way you handle a brand of soap.

  14. Chicos, recuerden, ahora es "Disney-Marvel", no recaudaron mucho con Frozen y salen con esto de Thor.. :P Guys, remember… now its "Disney-Marvel" they need more money after Frozen…

  15. Yeah, this reminds me of the New Coke/Classic Coke debacle (sorry, that dates me). Anyway, unless she is going to go naked, the teenage boys and 20-something adolescent men/boys who read comic books are probably not going to flock to this hero. This move is like a 30-ish female actress looking to revitalize a sagging career, strip naked and jump the shark.

  16. Marvel’s official PR line that a female Thor will “speak directly to an audience that long was not the target for super hero comic books in America: women and girls" doesn’t track.

    1. If the company wanted to attract more women and girls as readers, they could simply, for the sake of argument, hire better writers to create better stories that are longer on plot and character development than Staving-Off-Earth’s-Destruction-By-The-Builders-Or-Thanos-Or-The-Phoenix-Force-Or-Odin’s-Crazy-Brother-Etc-Etc-Ad-Infinitum.

    2. Who says women and girls will buy comics because female heroes are the leads? How many times has Marvel published and canceled books starring Black Widow, Ms./Captain Marvel, She-Hulk, and Spider-Woman alone? Did none of them have any interest for women? Or, were they just so badly written that no one wanted to read them?

    3. Clearly, if anyone at Marvel has ever attended a con, the large number of women in attendance should be a clue that women read comics. Since few comics starring women have traditionally been published in the last 50 years (I’m lookin’ at you, Marvel and DC), all these female readers must be reading something. Now reread Point #1.

    Will women (current comics fans and non-fans) pick up a comic just because it has a female lead? I think it depends more on quality than gender of the lead character. Will a female Thor attract eyeballs and increase sales? At first, sure, more likely from collectors and the curious than from readers of either sex expecting a soon-to-be-classic story. But if the story is mediocre or falls to that level soon—or worse, turns out to be just hype à la “The Fearless Defenders”—don’t be surprised when the anticipated audience quickly dries up. (That all-women team did not draw many readers of either gender to the book, and over its 12-issue run couldn’t hold those it did, thanks in large part to writer Cullen Bunn wasting the potential of several great characters.)

    4. In the years since his return to life (and publication), Thor has consistently been not just Marvel’s, but one of comics’ greatest characters. J. Michael Straczynski endowed him with nobility, grace, and strength of character that had not been seen since the best stories of Simonson. His willingness to defy Odin to defend the Earth from Cul was about the only worthwhile plot from the truly awful “Fear Itself.” The recent “God-Slayer/God-Bomb” storyline was at turns heartbreaking and breathtaking, where pathos fit easily with intense action, capped by a savage conclusion featuring Thor the Viking, Thor the Avenger, and King Thor of the distant future. This story once again depicts Thor’s boundless love for the Earth, and may one day be considered an epic. And how about that epilogue where we see what Thor does when he’s “off-duty”: Visiting a condemned man before his execution, helping poverty-stricken children, and spending quiet time with Jane Foster as she struggles through her cancer treatments? Most recently, King Thor fought and killed Galactus over the blighted, lifeless rock of his era’s Earth because he still loved it, had vowed to protect it, and so refused to let Galactus have it even in its ruined state.

    These are traits Thor developed over years through different writers. Even with Jason Aaron at the helm, I can’t see how a new Thor, male or female, will be a match to the character as he stands today. After years of hit-or-miss quality, Thor is finally consistently great. Why change things now?

    5. Why the need to replace an established male character with a new female version when the company has so many existing women heroes already? I have counted over three dozen Marvel heroines, with at least 12 “heavy hitters” that should be able to carry their own titles, such as Emma Frost, Gamora (!), Misty Knight/Colleen Wing, Psylocke, Rogue, Scarlet Witch, Sif (!), Spider-Woman, Valkyrie (!), and the Wasp (!). Any one of these strong heroines would be a better choice for a solo series than a female Thor (who is probably, in the wake of “Original Sins,” going to be Angela from the Guardians of the Galaxy), regardless of how “worthy” she happens to be at this point in time in the Marvel Universe.

    With all these great and established characters available—and the built-in fan base they would bring in addition to any and all new readers—it’s hard to imagine Marvel’s need to cast aside “classic” Thor in order to replace him with a new, female protagonist. This smacks of comic book gimmickry at its worst, and Marvel’s attempts to spin it otherwise are not just pathetic, but insulting to their fans. Moreover, the gimmick of kicking the hero out of his leading role (and even his own comic) is old—just check out the adventures of Beta Ray Bill, Frog Thor, Iron Man Jim Rhodes, Wally West, Cyborg Superman and friends, Azra-Bat, Kyle Rayner, Connor Hawke, Bart Allen, Aquaman Mk. II, teenage alt-universe Tony Stark, Bucky Barnes, and Superior Spider-Man (whew!). And now I hear that the Falcon is stepping into Captain America’s uniform. What can Marvel do with a replacement Thor that has not already been explored in previous similar storylines?

    And to those worrying about Chris Hemsworth continuing as Thor on film—and to specifically address the remark in the article above that he is tired of the arduous dieting and training required for the role—fear ye not. Hemsworth has said in more than one interview that he loves playing the character. During an October 22, 2013 appearance on “Access Hollywood” he said he “would be happy to keep going if people want more.”

    1. All excellent points Sir. However I would disagree with some of your "heavy hitters". I read the widow and elektra books, with a couple of exceptions (I’m thinking of Scorpio key) they really sucked on the writing. The other problem is that the mythos for alot of these heroines have been ret conned so many times. How many times has Jean grey died? Who really killed elektra father? How many times has elektra died. They mythos for alot of heroines. .even your heavy hitters list, is in such disarray I think it’s part of the problem with giving them solo books. If you out these books in the hands of certain writers (mack, oeming, bendis, millar) then yeah they could be freaking stupendous.

      1. I don’t see the mythos of those characters as an impediment to their publication or potential success. The problem lies with the unwillingness of Marvel (and DC) to publish too many mainstream titles that stray off the path from what is currently selling well for them. Even those books seem more like nervous experiments than commitments by the publishers to reach a broader audience.

        For example, Marvel knows its fans want—seemingly exclusively—only books starring Spider-Man, Avengers, and X-Men. Those characters make up the bulk of Marvel’s monthly publications. In recent months, Marvel has expanded these lines by adding Avengers World, Iron Patriot, Loki, Savage Hulk, Cyclops, Magneto, Amazing X-Men, Spider-Man 2099 and (a revised?) Superior Spider-Man to their schedule. [And how did Nightcrawler, who has been dead for years, get his own title before Storm?] And this month alone, Marvel is soliciting multiple books connecting to two new mini-series, Edge of Spider-Verse and Avengers – X-Men: Axis.

        What books are published for those of us who want more diversity? We get Elektra, Deadly Hands of Kung-Fu, Iron Fist, and Moon Knight. Good so far. Legendary Star-Lord (just in time for a film!)? Well, let’s hope. Then we have another Ghost Rider, a new Nova, a new Ms. Marvel, and yet another incarnation of the New Warriors. Sooo….yeah.

        And that’s about it. The decision to publish is less driven by a character’s mythos than his/her ability to attract an audience and draw sales. Which is, of course, the core of business; but Marvel needs to do a much better job at breaking through the Spider/X/Avengers mentality of their core fans to sell other books to them—and to reach beyond that group to fans craving more diversity, as well as to untapped potential readers by developing, publishing, marketing, and COMMITTING to books that are outside Marvel’s normal comfort zone. Is it not possible to publish books like Agents of Atlas, Nextwave, Journey into Mystery, Spider-Woman (Agent of SHIELD version), or The Winter Soldier?

        And if you want to talk mythos, I’d argue that the men have had a worse time than the women. True, women characters have had their share of problems: The Scarlet Witch’s parentage was changed and changed again, and her sanity has been at issue more than once; Rogue’s origins had published contradictions, and I believe Marvel teased for years that Mystique may be her mother; and then there’s Psylocke and her history of mind-swapping and the Legacy Virus. However, I would say that these elements have all come to a conclusion, satisfactorily or not, in previous books, and won’t be rehashed again.

        A look at the guys tells a different story. How many different versions of the Hulk have seen print over the years? How many times has Steve Rogers not been Captain America (when he’s been busy being Nomad, the Captain, dead, and now bereft of his Super Soldier Serum)? Is Iron Man the real MU Tony Stark or the Pocket Universe Stark? Thor’s been bonded, on and off, to two different mortal hosts at separate times; lost his hammer to an alien; was replaced by Eric Masterson in the 90s; been killed and reborn at least twice in the last ten years or so; and is now losing his hammer yet again! Spider-Man has been dead, reborn, upgraded, exposed, rebooted, dead again, and alive again (did I miss anything?). And then there’s Moon Knight, poor bastard: Is he a werewolf hunter, urban superhero, Defender, Avenger, superhuman, grim vigilante, or just plain Cuckoo-for-Cocoa-Puffs psycho?

        So I think the gals look very good in comparison.

        To get some perspective on the potential for solo books starring female leads, interested readers need to ask themselves:

        1) Do I like (her) in (that other book I currently buy)? [For example, do you like how the Wasp, Rogue, and the Scarlet Witch are portrayed in Uncanny Avengers? Does Psylocke wow you in X-Men and X-Force? How about Sif in Thor?] Does the character grab my interest to the extent that I want to read her adventures in her own series every month? What about a mini-series or one-shot? What about a monthly anthology series featuring rotating heroines?

        2) How much am I willing to pay for that series (keeping in mind what I already spend each month on comics)? Would I spend $3.99 every month? Would I only spend $2.99? Would I buy a comic with more ads if that lowered the book’s cost?

        3) How can I best express my interests to Marvel?

        And for its part, Marvel needs to do a much better job of market research to determine what their readers want to see, and how to best present that to them. They need to pair good creators with their properties, and set the bar for quality storytelling rather than publishing traditional “House-style” Marvel comics. Most importantly, Marvel needs to strongly commit to their titles with female leads (and all “non-traditional” comics for that matter) through industry publications, online venues, social media, advertising, and promotions. Marvel is backed by the Disney engine now; surely there must be funding to promote product to a broader audience, and to keep marginal books alive longer than the norm to provide them with a better chance of succeeding.

        With Disney’s deep vaults, I thought that Marvel would be more apt to try new ideas, and keep books published longer to crowd DC off the shelves. This has obviously not happened. Disney has benefited from Marvel in many ways, most spectacularly with the success of the movie franchises. I have yet to see how Marvel comics have benefited from Disney. A Figment book really doesn’t cut it.

        And just bear in mind that although you may not consider all my choices to be heavy hitters, in comics, anything is possible under the right conditions. If Grant Morrison can take a dog like Animal Man (No pun intended, really, but I just caught that. Funny.) and make him crazy good, you may be seeing Gamora, Sif, the Scarlet Witch, and the Wasp in their own series someday. Hopefully soon.

    2. Thank you for this essay and perspective—sometimes I feel so depressed at ALL of the changes–just for the sake of CHANGE—! I appreciate reading that I am not alone in this–!

    3. Comic-book production does not attract particularly creative, tasteful writers, any more than network TV does. The artists, in my opinion, usually way outperform the writers and editors. Truly talented people work their way up and out of comic-books as quickly as they can. The Neil Gaimans and Joss Whedons are rare. So it isn’t shocking that the people in charge keep coming up with shallow, or prurient, or hackneyed ideas.

      1. You got this in reverse. Kevin Smith an joss wheaton made their name in films before writing comics. There are a number of great writers in comics that have made their names there and stayed there while branching into other areas. ..Jeff loeb, David mack, Mike Avon oeming, Brian Michael bendis, Greg ruck to name a few.

  17. If they wanted a truly interesting female character:….bring on the Enchantress.—– Sort of an evil Venus, she’s scary beautiful and clever, and yet she constantly finds herself a victim of her own devices. —-Personally, I have always regarded the Enchantress as such a complex character that it would be the height of simplicity to write stories with her serving as a protaganist. —-Oops…Silly me….I forgot the current comic-writing policy: ‘Gimmicks only…..No originality allowed’.

  18. Why couldn’t the woman be another character with characteristics similar to Thor’s? Why does the woman have to be Thor? Couldn’t Sif be the female Thor? Oh I see, "there should be no borders". No borders? Hmmmm, Marvel, I am your president now and I want an advance.

  19. The Jack Kirby estate lawsuit shouldn’t be minimized here- moving these characters away from the elements Kirby created may very well be a defensive measure should the court hear the most recent action. The Valkyre was a female Norse character, back in the fay of Steve Gerber’s "Defenders". Also a female Soviet "Captain America" analogue. Ah, Gerber, Englehart…whem Marvel didn’t suck…

    1. Ah! An excellent point.—- What better way to avoid royalty payments to the Kirby estate than to change the character just enough (ok…a *lot* in this case) so that it no longer falls under the legally-defined category of being one of Kirby’s creations.—Publishers have been ripping off writers for centuries with this trick.

      1. It’s not just about royalties. Lisa Kirby v Marvel Characters seeks copyright termination on the characters Jack Kirby created (the Fantastic Four, Thor, the X-Men, Nick Fury, etc) in the 60s at Timely/Atlas/Marvel ( he created Captain America in the 40s. Potentially, Disney would have to license the Kirby elements back from the estate. Thus, The Falcon, not Steve Rogers, as Captain America, this female iteration of Thor, etc.

  20. Female or male does not really matter, they are both human. I think omnisexual characters should be used more, but Thor is probably not the best choice as it is based on an actual god from the Norse mythology which was clearly a man. But again pls notice Thor is a unisex name, so opposing a female Thor is like opposing super girl.

    1. Look up your Norse names please. Thor Is make. Torrun/torrin (seen it spelled different ways) is the feminization of thor ……and ironically in the marvel next universe…his daughter

  21. Okay. Read the damn article people. There’s going to be TWO Thors. The male Thor who can’t wield Mjolnir anymore (who probably lost his worthiness with the goings on during the Original Sin storylines, we’ll find out after Thor and Loki: The Tenth Realm finishes I thnk) and a female who takes up the hammer and the name Thor. This isn’t male!Thor gender swapping like Loki’s done. Not only that but this is taking place in the 616 universe, not the cinematic universe. And I’m curious as to just how many people are actually following the comics now and know Thor and Loki have a sister.

  22. I’m not against new female characters, but! I am against this. Thor is an iconic male superhero, I will not buy this…period. It’s like assassins creed getting heat for female characters, it’s because they’re not marketable to the fan base, enough said

  23. These are good points, Nikki. But if Marvel is looking to spin this new Thor off into its cinematic properties, why wouldn’t they use a pre-existing character like Captain Marvel? She just got a rebooted look and direction, she’s had her own comic book title for a year, and she ties more easily into both the cosmic and Avengers story-lines that are present in the films. Where will they actually be able to introduce this new Thor in the context of a film in the next three years?

    1. Agree 100%. Marvel makes a stink to get the rights to the name "Captain Marvel" from DC, create a powerful, UNIQUE hero with a strong series, and then make a 180 degree move and slap the "-girl" tag on one of their established male heroes? It would be way more fun and special to have Captain Marvel show up in Avengers or a solo film.

      1. Uh let’s clarify that Marvel made a stink about thr captain marvel name back in the 60s. Also carol danver has had her own books a few times now

      2. Actually, Marvel did not raise any stink at all, and certainly not with DC. They didn’t need to. The name “Captain Marvel” lost its copyright protection in the years following Fawcett Publications’ loss to National Periodicals (now DC) in the infamous 1941 – 1952 Superman copyright infringement trial.

        Fawcett closed its comics publication division in 1953; in 1972, DC licensed Captain Marvel for its use. In the interim, however, Fawcett let the copyright on the character expire. As part of its settlement with National, Fawcett had consented to cease publishing Captain Marvel (and related Marvel Family stories) permanently. No one at Fawcett thought to continue to register the copyright on a character that could never be used.

        As Marvel Comics was gaining steam in the late 1960s, Stan Lee (as he remembers events) thought it was odd that a company named “Marvel” did not have a hero named “Captain Marvel” in its stable. He tasked Roy Thomas with trademarking such a character. Roy was aware of the older Fawcett character, and upon researching a national copyright registry (probably the current available edition of The Catalog of Copyright Entries), he found the name “Captain Marvel” was available. So he took it.

        As they say, the rest is history.

        For many years Marvel and DC had an agreement that allowed DC to refer to their character as Captain Marvel only in the interior of books; the name could never be used on a cover to avoid confusion with Marvel’s trademark protected version. As a result, DC’s Captain Marvel starred in Shazam! comics. Over time, non-fans and fans alike grew to know the character as Shazam.

        I haven’t found any articles stating that Marvel has ended, or was planning to end, its agreement with DC over use of the name. My best guess is that current DC management grew tired of having to deal with the issue after more than 40 years—and if the public already knows your guy as Shazam, why not give them Shazam? So when DC rebooted into the New 52, Captain Marvel stayed behind, and Shazam made the jump forward.

  24. So..I’ve replied to a few people but let’s get something straight. This is happening in the books. Marvel has used the mainstream media to talk about its books before (anyone remember how Colbert. ..anyone fellow comic geek… acted when marvel did the death of captain america a while back? Or back in the 80s doing a live action stunt of spiderman and mary Jane getting married?) This isn’t new. While a disagree politely with some of ms. Finkes reasons Marvel did this, I am all for it. There are very few heroines in the comic world to begin with and over the years have been handled poorly for very many reasons. Most mainstream people know wonder woman….and that’s really in part to the TV show. Outside of that, the only others…and nd this is a stretch…we’re the woman of the xmen universe. What cracks me up, and maybe it’s because of thr original post by ms.finke, is how everyone is assuming that this will effect the Marvel cinematic universe. I doubt it will. As others pointed out, there were drastic changes to other characters in the books and that hasn’t reflected yet in the film. Kevin fiege has gone on record about how far out thr movie slate is planned. If anytjing, between contracts etc, this (at its earliest) will not happen until marvels phase 5 (after Thor 3 and avengers 3) based on what has been set up for avengers two, the new female Thor (NOT thorns etc etc man come up with something new folks) actually could be Torrunn picking up thr hammer. Yes, she exists both in Norse mythos and in marvel mythos.

  25. Wow been reading Marvel comics for a long time, anyone remember when Loki cast a spell and Thor became a green frog! It is just a phase and Thor will be worthy again with a brand new No 1 issue.

  26. screw you and your political bull crap you took a Norse God that has been around for centuries and changed it for what.absolutely will not buy watch for entertain

    1. Please for the love of god doing a simple wiki search for the marvel version of thor. He’s based BASED in part on Norse mythos. Stan Lee has gone on record saying that it was NEVER a direct lift from Norse mythos. Yeesh

      1. Right, he just is named after the Norse God, son to the Norse God Odin, brother to the Norse God Loki…yeah NEVER a direct lift. Give me a friggin’ break. What’s next? Professor Javier and the Mex-Men?

        1. Hey Buntcake…. get your Norse Myths correct. Thor is NOT Loki’s ‘real’ brother by mythological accounts…. Odin never ‘adopted’ him, Loki and Thor were blood brothers by sacred rite of battle. If anything it would be more acceptable to make "the next" Odin a woman, because in Norse mythology he was NOT well liked by anyone, since he traded his eye for magic, something viking (this era was the height of historical popularity for Thor, so a good comparison for modern day Thor comic book fans) men believed only women possessed! Odin was cruel, full of rage, and didn’t give a fuck about law and order. Replacing the Odin character in the Thor comic books with some appropriate neutral evil comic book woman, would be more acceptable than the weenie they currently write.

  27. Imagine the first love scene. The possibility of a prego Thor. Eww.. Awkward! Lol If that doesn’t sound wrong to you then a woman dropping hammer should! It just sounds like a porn gone wrong! Lol You have now made Thor the Joke of the super hero world! Let’s just fit this round piece into this sqare. And convince everyone that it’s a great Idea. And if they don’t like it their a shapist… uh I mean Sexist! Lol

    1. Speaking of jokes, this will require the retooling of a classic dirty joke! Now it’ll have to go something like this: Superman and Thor spend the night together in JLA headquarters, making wild passionate love. Next morning, gets up early and goes wondering around the place naked. Batman walks in and says "Oh my god, are you Thor?" She replies "Damn right I am! I’m tho’ Thor I can hardly pith!" I’ll be here all week. Try the veal.

  28. I find this offensive as a pagan! Shall we make Jesus Christ a woman now too? This is a cheap ploy by Marvel to sell comics. I find it disturbing & offensive to emasculate a norse god by changing his gender! F Marvel! I’m not watching or buying any more of their b.s. . Especially not a female Thor! VIKINGS AVENGE THIS ABOMINATION!

    1. Look, they are not taking the current Thor and making him into a woman. He is losing his worthiness to wield Mjolnir. A woman is the one who will be worthy and take up the hammer but she is also taking on the name Thor. So there will be the old classic male Thor and a new female Thor. He isn’t genderswapping for crying out loud.

  29. The character Storm was a female Thor 30 years ago, in Art Adams’ "Asgardian Wars". Comics eak by on stunts, replacing long-term series with a succession of short-run NEW! NOW! series. Titles used to sell in the millions – now a small fraction of that. Marvel, under Disney and Axel Alonso, is creatively dead Assholes, Aspies, and Tumblr social justice women, those are their vocal fans. And creators.and editors. Also, Jack Kirby’s heirs have a lawsuit seeking redress, so altering Kirby’s characters ( making the Falcon the new Captain America, a female Thor, while Kirby’s male Thor becomes an umworthy antihero) might be a defensive tactic. DC under Didio, Lee,Johns and Nelson is just an IP farm for other media. Creatively bankrupt. What impact have the gay Alan Scott or Batwoman, or any of their other PR stunts had? They have Batman as a cash cow. Nothing else.

    1. yeah man.. thor used to be the symbol of manliness.. i mean arrogant and bashing stuff. how will a women do it?. not being a sexist but still… nooooooooooooooo

  30. Lot of people are saying this won’t impact the movies and they very well may be right. But I wouldn’t put it past them to have this new female Thor appear on "Once Upon a Time".

  31. What is hilarious is that out of all the characters that are completely made up of fiction they change the one withh an actual historical backstory. Norse mythology Thor is a viking male god. The only one who should be considered exempt from this kind of ridiculous move.

    1. And in Norse mythology, Loki is sometimes a woman. In Norse mythology, Laufey is Loki’s mother. Not his father. Sometimes things change in artistic interpretation. I really don’t think it’s that ridiculous, all things considered.

    2. Um. Do some basic Internet research on Marvel’s take on thor. Stan Lee has gone on record more times than I can shake a stick at that his take on Thor that was started back in the 60s was HIS version that wasn’t Truely rooted in the traditional mythos. Over the years other writers (JMS, Oeming) have rooted him more in thr mythos.

    1. Too right….but will the damage have been done? While I enjoy ogling the physical ideal of the feminine form as much as the next guy, they are running a big risk of wholly alienating what few comic nerds they have left in their fan base.—-It’s a gimmick…we get it…but wouldn’t hiring writers and editors capable of producing engaging and entertaining stories work even better?—-I’m sensing a pattern here: hollywood hasn’t had an orginal thought in 20 years….therefore hollywood only makes franchise movies of previous works sustituting new technology for originality (it’s new…because we made it with CGI!!) Then hollywood buys the comic empires….now comics have no more orginality either….so they substitute character gimmicks for originality—Things that make you go ‘hmmm’.

      1. Trust me. True nerds won’t get alienated with this move. At worse it’s a gimmick at best it’s actually a good story. True comic fans had to read the crap books from the 90s. This is nothing compared to that

    2. Oh, come on, ripclawe. Next thing you’ll be telling me is they’re killing off a comic icon like, say Archie, for PR and sales. Ridiculous.

  32. The problem is that there is such a thing as being too inclusive. The lines between men and women don’t need to be blurred in order for women to feel better about themselves. Some things aren’t sexist they are just the way they exist. It just seems that everything is becoming a lesson rather than just being pure fun for fun sake. As a woman I certainly don’t think it’s a step up for a woman to be Thor. We all aren’t calling for men to step down from ALL positions where they traditionally exist. Can’t marvel be more creative than making Thor a man. I don’t call that inventive that’s just that lazy way to try to garner more interest. After he’s been a woman what next gay, black, a werewolf or vampire? Maybe the guys at Marvel just wanted to create another woman with an unrealistic body, huge boobs and an ass to rival Kim Kardashian. Oh, and she can wield Mjölnir. smh

  33. Enh. Captain America was dead (and Bucky Barnes took his place) right up until his movie came out. Peter Parker was dead (and Dr. Octopus took his place) right up until ASM 2 came out. See a pattern? Thor will be a woman right up until Thor 3 comes out. Or the magazine nose-dives down into the teens, sales-wise. Thor the magazine hasn’t been good for a while. It lost the "godlike being who secretly lives among us" ingredient that Lee & Kirby patented. Thor always needs that humanizing factor, that reader-representative, or it becomes a bit like a Dr. Who with no companions.

  34. So what was that you were saying about not making movies with female leads Jeff Robinov…. He’s not going to do crap with all that money from China if he can’t let go of his old-school Hollywood ways and get with the flow. Well done to Marvel.

  35. It’s a great idea, the original Thor in the 1950′s was a mild-mannered ordinary guy who was able to lift the hammer thus transforming him into Thor because he was worthy. No reason it can’t be a woman who is the only worthy human able to lift the hammer. They are smart to do this. Girls and women will love it and boys and men will also love it. I predict a big upsurge in sales of The New Thor comic book but if it doesn’t sell enough they can always spin her off into an Alternate Universe Thor and continue Thor as he was for their main Thor title. No reason they can’t have two different Thors for sale at the same time.

  36. I seriously doubt this will impact Hemsworth’s Thor unless it becomes a popular storyline. This could certainly be an interesting plot for a film. Marvel Comics are heading for a line wide reboot; Thor (the male) losing his hammer is part of a bigger storyline in the comic’s universe. Mickey Mouse and Marvel are using a bit of corporate synergy to promote this story arc. Though I don’t know if The View was the right platform to announce it. I wonder if it would have worked better if there was a guest with knowledge about comic books. What would be funny is if The View did a special Death of Wolverine panel when that comes out and brings on Hugh Jackson as the special guest.

  37. This has zero to do with the film/TV universe. It’s just about the comics and Disney/Marvel synergy to promote it. The THOR comics sell about 36,000 issues a month. And they ranked #55 in June. There is no film bump for comics like back when the first 89 Batman came out. It’s completely wrong to equate the two and find a way to make this figure into the movie universe.

    1. Whoa. Was that sexist as hell. I’m a female comic nerd for the last 13 years and counting. I love all my superhero and have suffer through both the good and the bad over the years with adaptations. When I first started reading there were very few female readers that could go toe to toe in a debate of "who would win in a fight" to "the best creative team is x on y book". Now? I’m no longer part of a minority. I go to any comic convention, any geek website and I see my fellow female fans coming out of the woodwork. Get out of that mentality. US geek chick’s are and always have been here.

      1. The guy said the comics are crap regardless, he wasn’t saying women still don’t read those nerdy boy comics. Jeez, got of your social justice warrior high horse and take some leave from the PC Brigade!

        1. I think having Thor as a woman is a bad idea. Your destroying the characters history both with Marvel Comics and Norse Mythology? The movies are geared toward women for sales ie money. I understand that times change so that means Jesus can now be depicted as a woman? "Whose Ever Worthy Shall Posses The Power Of Thor" is the only way of getting away with this. Remember Thor Girl Tarene? How about male Thor life force being tied to the hammer?

        2. I don’t know what comics you are referring to, but I could go on for days how many good comics are out there. Don’t believe me? From Hell, Road to Perdition, Men in Black, Ghost World, History of Violence, walking dead, v for vendetta, the upcoming Powers tv show, American splendor, and hellboy are all movies/tv shows that were based off of comic books. Box Office numbers and awards (including oscars) kinda of disprove your "nerd boy comics". I’m just trying to point out that no one can argue anymore that the Fandom is heavily male because it’s NOT

  38. If Chris Hemsworth didn’t want to play him anymore, offering the role to a woman is not fixing the issue. Thor is a man. The dynamic changes everything and ruins everything. Again, this is another "women ruins everything" situation. Thor is a man that has principles. A She-Thor is a woman that has no principles.

    1. Marvel is off their rocker… What a terrible idea! Imagine changing Superman to Superwoman! (not to be confused with his cousin Supergirl) It’s wrong and disgusting and I won’t be following or watching it.

  39. Comics being comics everything always trends back towardsthe status quo. Okay, female Thor. That’s nice. It’s the same story that’s been told a dozen times with an added twist. Thor AGAIN is declared unworthy and someone else gets Mjolnir except this time that someone else is a chick. Ho hum. In six months to a year Thor becomes Thor again and then we just have a new female "Thor-esque" character that gets forgotten and then killed off in a few years in some "major event" that requires a high body count. It plays out this way *every time*. But Marvel has gotten really good at selling these events and making them seem like a big deal.

    1. Totally true! To mention some other Thor’s substitutes there is Thor girl and Thunderstrike…and Thor is still there when he gets Mjolnir again.

  40. Kristen Stewart and Anne Hathaway dresses as dudes for that video (Jenny Lewis) must be trending on the lists for this (; Why don’t they just get the rights to Elf Quest, make a left turn to that world? Or, spin off the animated kiddish blue spongey thing from Her?

  41. Social Engineering hasn’t been this explosive since Archie Andrews was killed by a gun while protecting his gay friend who was protesting guns!

    1. It would be brilliant if they used that actress but they won’t. They’ll cast a muscle bound, silicone injected Barbie girl and clothe her sparingly in order to soothe all the wounded male egos.

  42. I’d say this is the stupidest thing I’ve heard in a while but that actually might be optimistic. This IS stupid on so many levels. There are more than a few female Norse deities that they could have introduced or re-introduced but Marvel had to do something like this. I expect it will be self-correcting. I don’t see a lot of Thor/Avengers readers going along with this ride.

  43. Should you really comment on things you don’t have expertise on? You try to find reasoning for this move and go on to compare it with DC and call it an answer tactic on Wonder Woman, when it’s pretty obvious that it’s just going to be this way in comicbooks, but not in movies. We have Miles Morales (black Spider-Man), but who’s playing him in the movies right now? Danny Glover? Michael B. Jordan? What I’m trying to say is that whatever Marvel does on pages of comics will not necessarily find its way to screen.

    1. No, it won’t make its way to movies. Cartoons, maybe. The comics are loss leaders anyway used as testing grounds for potential new stories in other media. The comics are loss leaders and they need to keep plugging gimmicks to keep people buying. Female Thor debuts so they can start the series over again for the 50th time with a new issue #1.

  44. Bad move. Alienating the core comic base that has become attached to the character both in the books and the films. At the same time, loses the female fan base that Marvel has expanded to with Hemsworth in the films. This won’t last.

    1. First off, I *love* (eye roll) that you think the only reason women watch Thor is because of Hemsworth. We are not that shallow. Personally, I watch Thor (and iron man, and avengers and captain america) because the acting is great, the stories are being taken seriously (unlike over at Warner brothers….ugh). Plus if you reallllly want to play the shallow "women watch Thor because of a hot guy card" get it right…look at the Legion of Hiddlestoners.

        1. Yes you are right to a degree. But not all woman are like your wife either. So don’t clump us into one group or the other. I mean, yes I’m a geek and I’ll wave flag proudly. But at my core, I’m a producer, so for me to get excited to see a movie is rare. Whatever you want to say about this move that the EAST coast office is doing for the BOOK….fine. but don’t trash the main stream fans that don’t read the books but enjoy the movies. To clump all female fans of a franchise together is just ignorant and sexist imo.

    1. Hey, Actress: I knew about this before you did. I just don’t think you’re talented enough to ever stand a chance at getting a role like this.

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