The Kardashians Ratings Are Krashing: Will E! President Suzanne Kolb Take The Fall?

I can only surmise that the rest of the entertainment media are in those grifter Kardashians’ portly pocketbooks. keepingupwiththekardashiansBecause why else is no one reporting the steep rating declines for this new season of Keeping Up With The Kardashians.  The show’s Season 9B premiere was down -29% in P18-49 vs Season 8, and down -17% vs S9A premiere, and down -10% vs S9A finale. Let’s not forget that Seasons S8 and S9A were down from S7, etc. The Kardashians are krashing. Of course, the failure couldn’t happen too a more deserving family. I for one loved the big backlash aimed at Anna Wintour for putting Kim and Kanye on Vogue cover. That issue should have come with a barf bag. Let’s not forget that its newstand sales proved only a less-than-average 250K copies – not the 500K hyped. Every time a US magazine writes about the K’s, almost every comment brutalizes the family. The fact is media who keep publicizing them are out of touch with public hatred of them. And that’s without people knowing that, whenever the Kardashians go out, they call the paparazzi in advance and tell them where they’re going and then get a big kickback every time a photo agency sells their picture.

So what does this mean for E!? The Kardashians are still its highest rated and highest profile series, even though down from their heyday in 2011. But with the next contract, their show won’t even be profitable given the price per episode. There are no other hits on the horizon. Escape Club lost -58% of lead-in and was -22% lower than Rich Kids Of Beverly Hills‘ debut/premiere and -31% lower than Total Divas’ debut/premiere. And those two series were already hugging the ground in terms of ratings yet were the only shows renewed in the Suzanne Kolb era. The only thing E! can tout is digital growth and growing mobile but that’s true for everyone.

So let’s talk about Suzanne Kolb. I hear she’s being replaced as E! President (there’s a head hunter firm working on this now) because she’s been an unmitigated disaster at the top and the results show. First, there was the unnecessary WGA battle with Fashion Police: this was mishandled with the writers, the WGA, and Joan Rivers. E! wasn’t prepared for the onslaught of press about Chelsea Handler’s departure even though they knew it was a contract year. So they got buried by her manager Irving Azoff and have no replacement with Chelsea leaving in September. All they have is a list of comedians and their Q scores. (I hear even Jim Carrey is on the list.)

A smart and strategic channel president Kolb isn’t, and not creative either. Failed series under her tenure include almost everything, from Mrs. Eastwood And Co, What Would Ryan Lochte Do?, Chasing The Saturdays, The Wanted Life, Opening Act, Playing With Fire, Party On, and The Soup Investigates. The previously mentioned Escape Club also is shaping up as another poorly rated series. And that Viscount Of Vapidity, Ryan Seacrest, is leaving E!’s Red Carpet so they’ll have to use the unwatchable Ross Mathews or Maria Menounos hired after being kicked off both Extra and Entertainment Tonight.

E!’s ratings overall were down -20% in 2013. And in 2014 they’re down another -20% from last year’s numbers for the same period. In other words, it’s bad at E! and Madison Avenue knows it.

Goodbye Kolb.

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  2. I know this is going to sound insane but I really like Suzanne Kolb. Don’t get me wrong, SK is a terrible boss and she single handedly sunk an entire network and she needs to be sent out to pasture, like yesterday. The reason I like SK so much is she reminds me that I made a right personal decision so many years ago. I decided back then to stop giving my entire life to E!. I decided my well-being and kids had to come first over my job. I still put in the hours but when I leave at night, I leave. My life isn’t my job. It’s just a job and I really like it, but it doesn’t define me. Once I decided to stop killing myself for E!, my spouse and I suddenly started getting along, I stopped gaining stress weight and I didn’t feel like someone else was raising my kids. For a long time I felt guilty for not putting in the same hours as Suzanne or not being "on-call" for the network. I saw Suzanne rise in the ranks but I also noticed she was become a miserable person. She is a daily reminder that I was on the same path but I had sense enough to get off of it. Sure, I don’t have a clothing allowance and my office is shitty but I also don’t have an entire blog of haters and five years of accomplishing very little. I even like coming into work. I don’t worry about Suzanne surviving financially when all this is done, what I do worry about is… will she survive being with herself when its over.

    1. this is the meanest comment about suzanne so far. poor SK goes home at night to a sleeping kid, bottles of wine and her email. wish i could muster up an emotion to feel sorry for her but my scars run deep and long.

  3. Never understood The Kardashian show..???? From the beginning it makes ZERO sense. No true acting. Can’t read. ZERO sense. Time to replace this show with real talent. Thank you.

  4. for those of you rereading this…you aren’t alone. it’s done all the time at E! says me who works there. we huddle over a desktop or iPad and giggle. so if you think you’re over the hump SK, not so. we laugh at our favorite posts. the bathroom phone. the lack of thank you gifts. the tagline writing.

  5. I love these old headlines (and articles) from The Onion which sums up E! perfectly: "Pop Culture Expert Surprisingly Not Ashamed Of Self" and "E! Gives Local Masturbator Inside Scoop On This Summer’s Hottest New Swimwear"

  6. Suzanne, your name came up in a status meeting today. When my colleagues heard I had worked with you all the attention was directed at me. Tons of questions and shocked expressions. Someone even joked I needed a hug. You would of hated it, but I loved it. You’re finally getting the attention you so rightly deserve. Congratulations. From an old friend at a sister network who’s enjoying the conversation.

  7. Reading the bitter comments from all the little peons who have been pushed around by their meanie boss, explains a lot to the rest of us. Now we know why so many shows are tainted with ideology & bias. Etc. Crybabies.

  8. when this season of Kards winds down, she will really be in trouble. that’s when the ad sales projections will fall behind, make goods will grow and by end of year, we can celebrate.

  9. i keep thinking i am going to read this on a late friday summer news dump. suzanne kolb out! ratings suck. revenue down. without being propped up by Linda Yac’s portfolio strategy, she’d really be in deep s@*t. hr has been complicit in letting her berate people and micro-manage the brand into the ground. i am simply shocked she’s still there.

  10. When I read Adweek’s cover story on Bonnie Hammer back in April I was wondering why Bonnie didn’t mention Suzanne in the interview more. She raves about Bravo, USA, Syfy and even Esquire but gives very little attention to E! – beside the obligatory nod towards the Kardashians. She refers to Fanny (a pet name for Frances Berwick) numerous times throughout the article – but not our beloved Suzanne. I keep wondering what Bonnie’s private nickname for SK’s is – perhaps it’s "My Mistake" or "Her Royal Fuck Up". I know mine is, "Please NBCU, Make This Nightmare End and Rid Us Of This Parasite".

    1. It is because Bonnie is solely buying her time to dumb SK’s big ass. BH know’s that she has a total clusterfuck situation on her hands and has express it to everyone. Further. Bonnie know’s that SK is a huge liability to Comcast. SK keeps making one bad move after another. Can’t wait to see SK dragged thru the dirt – she certainly has it coming and has done it to so many! SK won’t be eaten lunch (or much else) in this town for much longer. She’s a goner. The headhunters know it and won’t touch her.

  11. I was a senior exec under SK. She totally screwed me over. Anyone up for a class action lawsuit? I think we have a major claim? If so, respond back and I’ll figure out a way to get us all in touch.

    1. People are already connecting off-line and by private emails. You need to contact someone you know through LinkedIn or Facebook if you don’t have their email. There are tons of very similar stories regarding SK and NBCU HR. Start getting your documents copied and/or scanned, it’s moving fast.

      1. Nothing will happen. HR has been complicit in everything that has gone on. And unfortunately NBCU has a lot of legal people to outspend us. The only hope is SK getting let go because of her incompetence and the decline of ratings and revenue at E! during her tenure. That would be payback.

      2. Any hints on where I can go to discuss my potential lawsuit? SK and I had know each other and had worked together for years. She knew about my strength’s and likely weaknesses too. She begged me to come over and just before I made the decision did bait and switch. She is evil, has no talent and not strategic. Further she manipulates every around her by threats. A fish stinks from the head and Bonnie knows she’s got a stanky. Can someone steer me in the right direction to discuss the pro’s and con’s. Thank you. I look foreward to our call.

  12. SK may at one time have had the chance to go to ABC. That was under the Anne Sweeney regime. Not a chance in hell Ben Sherwood would touch her. He us way too smart. He wouldn’t put up with her shirt for one minute. Plus, he is a change agent and doesn’t want someone like SK near him. She should consider moving and changing industries. Everyone at Soho house snickers when she walks in. Soho house should have a link to NikkiFinke ’cause everyone has read it and is on too her. Sooner or later (and hopefully sooner) adios Kolb. No one wants you here. You are completely and utterly despised. You dished it out. Now you are getting a taste of your own medicine. Too bad you were so horrible to so many people. Kathy Mandato (also highly political), Ted and Steve D. should never have been fooled by you. Shame. Karma.

  13. We Fashion Police writers went on strike in April 2013 because E! (i.e., Suzanne Kolb) refused to give us the same WGA contract that other scripted comedy shows on E! (Chelsea Lately, The Soup, Love You Mean It, and Hello Ross) had. Joan could have gotten us a contract with one phone call to Suzanne but she refused to do it. Joan would rather have 12 writers working for pennies than slightly fewer writers working for a decent wage and benefits. E!’s position was that writing for Fashion Police is a part-time job, which is preposterous. Each writer had to generate hundreds of jokes a week, attend long pitch meetings, do re-writes late into the night, etc. Clearly a full-time job! The highest-paid staffer on Fashion Police got less than half of WGA scale and zero benefits (no pension, residuals, or health care). Some Fashion Police writers were being paid as little as $500 a week with zero benefits for a full-time writing job on a hit show! After we very reluctantly agreed to a NLRB election to verify that we chose to be represented by the WGA, the network began the long-promised "negotiations" by offering the 12 of us three staff positions, at well below WGA minimum rates, plus nine part-time, freelance positions, all at FAR below the WGA minimum plus, of course, zero benefits. We rejected that offer; their counter-offer was even lower, and talks have stalled. Meanwhile Joan the Scab Queen keeps writing and hosting a (struck) scab Fashion Police show every week written by her and the other third-rate scab writers she and Suzanne Kolb have managed to scrape up. There’s a LOT more to this story but these are the basic facts. For shame, Joan Rivers and Suzanne Kolb!

  14. topic people wanted to talk to me about. People who aren’t even in the industry knew everything going on. Everyone wanted the inside dirt on Suzanne and stories of her awfulness. I even heard a bunch of new cringe worthy stories about Suzanne’s ineptness. First I felt super popular by the sudden attention until I realized I was now associated with this horrible twit. I’m still depressed and get nauseated when I think about what she’s done. I think I have to stop reading this blog for awhile. (And maybe skip the next party.)

  15. I can’t stop laughing. Suzanne goes to Barry’s Boot Camp? You must be kidding. This is hilarious. I hope Barry makes her throw up. Truly this would be the most entertaining show on E! I’m dying this is so hilarious.

    1. Suzanne at Barry’s – NO WAY! Have you seen her? She’s doesn’t go to Barry’s or any other gym for that matter. "Fodder" was saying that she’s being talked about at Barry’s. A couple of my friends at ABC say she’s also been the topic of conversation lately – apparently she’s been putting feelers out to network executes about possible employment. My friend, the head hunter, said everyone is being nice to her face but there’s no way in hell they want her in their building. My friend said that one of the head hunters got chewed out by Suzanne when they gently recommended looking at working in a different market or industry. She’s still in denial and blaming her staff.

      1. Well ABC did hire another former E! employee they were wise to fire, Lisa Berger … she’s not much better than SK. ABC doesn’t know how to hire smart execs, just those who are incredibly entitled and evil. So perhaps your head hunter friend could start funneling better execs to ABC??

  16. I love all this E! Drama. Please keep it coming Suzanne. Without it there’d be nothing to talk about at the Soho House or Barry’s Boot Camp. Just when you think it couldn’t get an weirder, E! Introduces a new character to its mini-series. I personally don’t know this John guy but he’s already making the stories even more bizarre and juicy. Just from the few post I’ve read about this new villain, john, I totally understand why E’s website is so f@#k up! Message to Bonnie Hammer: please don’t cancel this show any time soon! It’s become the most talked drama in Hollywood since OJs car chase.

    1. hey, it is so bad they didn’t even have any news from the TCA–USA, Syfy, Oxygen, Bravo and even Esquire had news. E! had nothing. Typical of SK. Hiding in the shadows when it comes to press.

      1. maybe because the end is nigh. one can only hope. as you will see from the salaam announcement today, she couldn’t land a president gig and neither will SK. this is it. once it’s over, it’s over.

        1. The Kardashians is very boring. I like reality shows, but their’s is not a real reality show. Plus the people on that show all suck and ignorant.

          1. The Karadasins show makes zero sense! Never understood the fame. Not one person in that family can act or read! My family and will tune back in on E the second their show stops airing. HURRY … simply zero sense.

  17. Najarian totally operates out of fear. He knows he is incompetent, would never get a gig paying this much or with this title and takes credit for work that he has nothing to do with. Afraid of taking any chances. He is Kolb’s bitch (as is everyone else around their who does exactly what their told or else – beheaded). This was an incredible dumb an unscripulous move. It is time Bonnie cleaned house. And if Jenn had the intelligence to cook this up, as a manager, Suzanne should have immediately shot it down (which she is normally excellent at). Who is the hell signed this expense report? They should be fired for cause.

  18. Dear Jenn: Brilliant marketing plan and strategy. Were you going to take a banner out promoting this on or DH? Wow, this was dumb – and borders on immoral. And with regards to DimWit Nagarian, you should also take the fall for executing this idiot’s plan – which I’m sure was masterminded by SK. Bonnie needs to take control and fire everyone – for cause. If I were the guild, I would slam the shit out of E!

  19. John is Cray Cray getting caught up in one of Suzanne’s spiteful antics. Nice guy but has never been considered too bright. And now damaged goods. This can’t be a positive reflection on Bonnie and the NBCU brass. Too many disturbing things happening over at E !

  20. Im not a fan of John but I know for a fact Jenn Neal masterminded the Laugh Factory plan. John was just the patsy who bought the tickets. He’s freaking out now because he’s afraid he’ll take the fall. Which he should for being a total moron. Jenn [1], John [0].

  21. I can’t believe John Najarian would do that to the striking writers! It doesn’t sound like him. Jenn Neal, Yes. John, No. It’s hard imagining him having the balls to make that bolt of a stupid move. He avoids making decisions. He’s just an overpaid lackey who Suzanne keeps promoting because he doesn’t question her poor judgement. John is too much of SK’s little troll, doing anything Suzanne barks at him. No push back. The truth will come out and I’m sure John was only the simple-minded dim-wit that executed Suzanne’s lame attempt to silence the writers.

  22. May be not illegal but highly unethical. And how did someone sign the expense report. Another strike against this SK. Bad judgement by all involved SK, JN and whoever else crafted this plan. Does Bonnie not have this under control? It’s beginning to look bad how out of control this disaster is.

  23. If (stupid) Najarian bought the tickets (and was planning on bringing his ding-dong whiny wife) that is one thing. If he bought out the venue to prevent the guild from having members show up, that completely unethical – and a great way for Comcast to get rid of another fool at the top of E!. He is almost as bad as SK. Afraid of his own shadow and knows he has no talent and will never get a gig making 1/10 of what he’s pulling down. Didn’t SK promote him? Another reason to get rid of SK.

    1. Why John, why? You’ve never been the sharpest tool in the shed but this is beyond moronic. This has Suzanne’s stink all over it but your an idiot to be apart of her unethical scheme. John, John, John you just committed career suicide and for what? What an idiotic stunt. Good luck little buddy disassociating yourself from this disaster.

  24. If only Kolb put as much energy into producing quality shows as she does fucking with the striking Fashion Police writers. Anyone remember this story from May 14, 2013… EXCLUSIVE! Fashion Police Writers Claim E! Execs Are Trying To SCREW The Strike By Sabotaging Upcoming Benefit Show!… "Well this is an interesting twist!… The writers over at E!’s Fashion Police are currently striking so that they can get fair wages AND become protected under the WGA… And because they are currently NOT working (thus not making an income), the striking writers scheduled a benefit at famed Los Angeles comedy club The Laugh Factory for this Wednesday to help pay their bills… Now this is where shit gets WEIRD… Our FP writer source claims the benefit show sold out VERY quickly, which is good right? BUT, it seems that all tickets were bought by ONE person… E! Vice President John Najarian!!!… WTF?… Our source is just as baffled as we are, especially because the writers get paid for the gig even if no one shows up… Could NOT allowing the comedy writers to have an audience be part of a plan to silence their strike?… Or maybe the E! execs are planning to fill the theater up with hecklers?!… Either way, something SHADY is gonna go down tomorrow night!"

    1. Yes they had all the tickets bought by the members of the E! exec team so that they would fill room with lower level E! Employes (they gave out the tickets) so that no tweeting, social media, etc would get out. John Najarian and team expensed tickets and that way they keep the volume down on striking Fashion Police writers! Suzanne Kolb is evil.

      1. At E! they call that a "Team Building" offsite. That way they can expense it to Comcast. You can thank Bonnie for the free night at the Laugh Factory. Heckling the preformers highly recommend by Suzanne.

  25. I was waiting outside here office and heard her rip into someone on the opine. Could believe she was treating someone in such a demeaning manner. She is horrible.

  26. Big head. Big Kankles. No Fresh Ideas. Not a leader. Not a good employee. Great backstabber. Great at undermining her colleagues. Excellent and throwing her hires under the bus. Awful creative. Awful decision maker. No vision. Horrible to her employees/staff. Dated ideas (if any idea at all). Horrible to her agencies. Amazing at micromanaging. To maintain the minute dignity she has left, she should step down. Let Wendy plan the party. It will be a big celebration for the E! staff.

  27. Hopefully, this will be the next big idea "Khloe, Kim and Khortney clEan House!" Bonnie greenlights a special two hour episode where the girls visit the E! Headquarters and get to deliver the news to Suzanne "stink eye" Kolb and Jenn that they are fired. This is one episode which all E! Employees would watch, thus it might pull a decent rating. And finally their website would get more traffic and hits (at least 3 people) than it’s had since it’s inception. They also give the heave ho to the rEst of the useless overpaid and innept morons.

  28. Someone just sent this link to me. I have known Suzanne since her agency days. Never thought she had much talent or vision. She certainly was not strategic. I was one of her supervisors and she was very under impressive way back the. Never understood how she moved up the corporate ladder. She was always fixated on her male bosses – very odd. Suzanne would always throw her peers under the bus. Most of her colleagues hated working with her. I’m not surprised by these comments at all. In fact, I would say they are somewhat kind given her aptitude and treatment of others. I always thought she was completely empty suit.

  29. Wow–such venom! Is SK really the devil? Surely, some have to agree that there are much worse network execs out there. Amongst all of the unscrupulous, nasty, egocentric people that work in our business, this is who we are attacking?!

  30. How many lawsuits (or potential lawsuits) have been brought against her? She has overstepped her position with regards to HR and gotten people fired on numerous times because they had a vision and an opinion. She has done some very mean and nasty things to people. She has caused and continues to wreak mayhem to the E! staff. Bad decision after bad decision. The woman has no judgement – or at least very poor judgement – in most of her decision making. With regards to creative skills, she has no vision. She treats her people universally like hell. The constant stink eye – and it ain’t her swanky perfume. Run by fear. Not good for Comcast. She should be terminated for cause. No payout. Adios. Good luck every getting a job in this town, in media or marketing. Career is DOA after Bonnie cuts her loose – which can’t come soon enough. Hope SK picked up some people skills otherwise that daughter is SOL. Horrible leader. Incredibly poor judgement. Bad decision making skills. No creativity. Not a marketer (unless she paid her way into Adweek or AdAge) or had that flack of her’s do it.

  31. Dear Really: "Mean-Spirit" is an understatement. "Micro-Managing" doesn’t tell the whole story. This "President" is an unmitigated disaster – everyone who has worked for her, been associated with her or been a colleague of her knows. Dump her. Dump her fast. She is making a fool of NBCU. Unless she has naked pictures of Brian Roberts or Steve Burke – which I think is highly unlikely since they would both run (fast) from her. She deserves everything she has coming – except the severance and stock – as she was horrible to so many.

  32. Really NBCU? Any other media company, such as Scripps, Time Warner/Turner, Viacom, etc., would get rid of a network president after three consecutive years of ratings and revenue shortfall. It’s a business decision. Forget about the micro-managing, the mean-spirit way she deals with the team, the bad mouthing of other NBCU nets and execs especially Frances Berwick and Bravo. Just missing the ratings goals and revenue projections should have been enough to terminate her or not renew her contract, even for one last year. Don’t understand why you keep her, but at least the town now knows the truth about her lack of business acumen.

    1. Yeah it’s like she has blackmail material because she isn’t getting reupped based on business metrics. Out of the 20+ series she personally greenlit, only three got addition seasons and they were base hits, at best. There isn’t buzz or ratings success for #richkids or eric&jessie, and total divas has only the wwe following. We are constantly having to pull research validating her successes and let me tell you getting freakin’ hard.

    2. we hate working with Suzanne Kolb too. no taste. doesn’t get it. can’t run a network. last place we pitch and only out of desperation when no other network will buy.


  34. Maybe E! will fire Joan next… Joan Rivers Calls President “Gay,” Michelle Obama “Tranny”

  35. Come on Bonnie, get it over with. We are all dying under the SK regime. We will shine bright (and celebrate with a true fireworks show) once the door hit’s her (big) ass on the way out.

  36. THANK YOU Big Idea, Advice for our "gal on the go," Da Vinci Code and the genius who wrote the 10 inch schedule that took 2 inches to realize was a spoof – for making me laugh about a woman/situation I have had nightmares about. If only E! could harness this humor on air, ratings would go up. I know none of those 4 people would have greenlit Escape Club.

  37. Suzanne, Screw going away quietly!!! You need to get yourself hired to work for the Kardashian Management Team! We all know your life revolves around them. You’ve even built an ENTIRE network around their every eyebrow wax, bladder leakage and vapid sweet sixteen parties. Thanks to you, the Kardashians aren’t going away anytime soon on E!, so imagine the revenge you could have on your former staff trying to keep you and your new clients happy. Let’s be honest, you’ve kept their secrets from the public for years and it’s time you call in a big favor from your 2nd family. I have a feeling you could even recruit a few of your old marketing cronies to join you. It’s just the type of evil plotting you and Jen totally get off on. It’s the perfect solution for your situation. And don’t worry… I’m not expecting a thank you note from you for giving you the idea, (i’ve heard that’s not your thing).

  38. Bonnie: tomorrow is the beginning of another week. The upside is we have Friday off. One less day with SK. Please let us celebrate accordingly. Let us celebrate the 4th of July with true freedom.

  39. You have told us on more than one occasion that Ted told you how to treat talent…"you love them until you don’t" meaning they are gone. Well that’s the same with us and you, we’ve had to love you and now we won’t.

  40. I’VE DECIDED TO BE SUPER NICE TO SUZANNE during her final days at E! And to prove it… I’d like to invite you all to help me give some much needed career advice to our "gal on-the-go". I’ll start with mine: 1) People notice when you snub them on "Thank You" notes. 2) Get a life outside of work. It will make you seem human. If you’re the first person in the office and last to leave, that’s not a good thing. 3) Take a break from Entertainment for a bit. Maybe volunteer somewhere far far away from Hollywood. Once again this will make you seem human. 4) Freeze your membership at the SOHO until someone else royally fucks up. 5) Discover your own style, not what you think Bonnie wants you to be. I personally see you as a "Barbara Bush" type. 6) Try to be nice or at least pretend to care. 7) Secure a couple of recommendation letters as part of your severance package. You’ll need this. Trust me. 8) Surrounding yourself with Ex-WB employees is not doing you any favors. Jump ahead to at least 2009 in marketing techniques. Maybe take a class in marketing, you’ll have the time! 9) Update your LinkedIn profile. 10) And in a few months read all these comments (perhaps in a shrinks office) and see what you’ve learned about yourself. OK… Now it’s your turn E! employees.

    1. 1: Don’t be threatened by other’s success. Learn from it. 2: Praise the people you work with and mean it. 3: Surround yourself with people smarter than you, then get out of their way. 4: Instead of pointing the finger, roll up your sleeves and be apart of the solution. 5: Get a mentor outside of the entertainment business. 6: Throw yourself a going away party on your own dime and invite everyone. (Print the invite on a Thank You note.) This will change the conversation.

  41. I can’t wait for the kardashian to exit the planet. I can’t stand them She’s in her 30 and the rest but they won’t go away. Pay for a younger diverse girl whose white to make another set tape. We can’t hate on the same people for a decade. It got boring, exhausting, irritating and now it’s completely annoying

  42. Bear Fisher was offered the CMO position when SK got the President gig. She turned it down and took an much smaller role, SVP Creative Director position at Style network, rather than work for SK. SK is a beast to work for, plain and simple.

  43. I love the way everything looks the same and it is because of "the brand." The end pages of the promo spots are so broadcast from the 90s. If you look at a successful network such as FX, they market each original series uniquely. They don’t have the cast against the same background at the end of a promo. Mondo shoots are very, very, very 90s way of marketing SK.

  44. Only two series have been renewed in the last 3 years…Total Divas and Eric and Jessie! Everything else has been buried and cancelled including the latest, Hello Ross!! Her batting average for failures is quite high!

  45. I’ve been in meetings where someone came up with a clever idea and she gave them the stink eye! Suzanne Kolb will not allow innovation to rise up.

  46. So I wonder how HR – who protected her for so long – is reading into this. They knew how she treated her staff. They knew she was vindictive. They should shoulder some of the blame as many, many, many employees reiterated this over and over to them. They completely disregarded the employees point of view.

  47. After she hurled Salaam under the bus (and basically put the bus in return to ensure that she was run over), it would have been interesting to see SK take over as head of Style. They could have done a two-hour special on the makeover of SK. The tragedy is that you cannot makeover a personality disorder.

  48. Karma – I will give you points for saying that Kolb is hard working. While she may be hard working that does not mean she works smartly. Clearly, these postings show her complete disregard for 99.9% of her employees. The .01% are her loyal follows – kind of cultish. As to your comment that she has risen to the top? The top of what – a pile of crap – decisions that she is ultimately responsible and accountable for. Incredibly dedicated = no life. It is sad – almost tragic – that work is her life and her life is her work. A bad run – she has sabotaged everyone good around her – now that is Karma. And to working again in Hollywood (or elsewhere), everyone has read this – including her past and current agencies – and those who have gone on to succeed elsewhere – there is not a chance in hell she will get a job in this town again. Everyone is town has or is talking about it. This post has truly gone viral – and had way more hits than E! online site ever had. Although she doesn’t deserve the compensation she will receive (Bonnie should fire her for cause – thus negating her contract) she will have lots of time on her hands to figure out retribution and count her pennies. She should move back home to Washington – or wherever she is from – and try her hand at something that requires no interpersonal or people skills – a prison guard. I think she would have great success at that. She could push the prisoners around, they’d have to listen to her and she could decide which color orange she wants her bitches to wear.

    1. I love whoever posted the above comment: "A bad run – Suzanne has sabotaged everyone good around her". Working with SK is like working for a psychopath, you never know what personality you’re going to get. I don’t know what freaks me out more, when she’s brutal or nice? Everything comes with a steep price and a hidden motive. I’ve never trusted Suzanne and have warned others. It’s horrible that she’s been allowed to fester and tear down a great network and the people who work there. These embarrassing comments are a testament to what she’s really like and I’d like to add another to the pile, "Good riddance ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !"

  49. if you are looking at the comments sk, then maybe you should think deeply about what we all say about you. there are a lot of people at the company commenting because it is true: you are mean, you are a micromanager, you don’t like anyone with smart and good ideas, you surround yourself with mediocre staff, and have no creative sensibilities.

  50. I am a current E! employee and have been reading the posts on this blog that are riddled with idiocy and inaccuracies of people pretending to be an insiders who clearly have were fired years ago (Barry Nugent??? That happened under Ted … I’m not sure she was even at E! yet). So I feel it’s important to set the record straight … I have the pleasure of currently working with Suzanne at E! and the truth she is a true professional who has risen to the top of her field because she is hard working, and incredibly dedicated. She may be a micro manger in some areas but I have rarely met an accomplished person who isn’t a perfectionist. She has had a bad run and maybe will lose her job because of it – end of story. To all those using this forum for horrible personal attacks, my only consolation is that karma is a bitch and that while you will be stuck in your little cubes for the rest of your life positing bitter comments about the next person you blame for your failures, SK will be enjoying a fat severance check and when and IF she decides to come back to work (have you seen the price on Comcast Stock these days?) she will have absolutely no problem finding another job. After all this is Hollywood folks.

    1. Hi SK nice comment. You are a very very disliked boss and you’ll need to dip into your trust fund even with Comcast stock at a all time high.

    2. Dear Karma, I’d like to meet you. Perhaps at the going away party for your beloved leader. It’s almost refreshing that Suzanne has a friend right now defending her while the rest of us ran as fast as we can away from her. I can’t get the stink off of me fast enough. My concern has never been about SK, (I’m sure she’s sharpening her knifes as I write this), but over my own career. I will forever be associated with this colossal train wreck of a person and network she ran into the ground. And let’s not pretend for one minute that the outing of Kolb will end this nightmare for the current employees, (yes, I am one of them). You need to wake up "karma" and realize we’ll be the ones taking the bulk of the blame for "not standing up to Suzanne" or "notifying NBCU of her lunatic behavior sooner". They will be pointing fingers at all of us and I for one am scrambling to find documents of my numerous conversation and emails to HR regarding my growing concerns over Suzanne and her costly, bad decisions. And if some of us are lucky enough to survive and keep our jobs over the next nine months, our salary dispersion and bonuses will be fucked for years after being associated with her regime. Don’t kid yourself, Suzanne is at the root of the problem but we will all suffer because of her "bad run" and "micromanaging". Suzanne will go away and maybe even acknowledge her destruction someday, but don’t be fooled into thinking we won’t be left with the mess she created for years to come. So do your defending now but don’t be shocked when you realize just how many knives Suzanne left in your back. Good luck "karma", (we are both going to need it).

      1. "Why can’t we all just get along?" is what I will be spewing while I’m secretly plotting my escape. PS: To the 3 individuals who left multiple copies of their resumes in the printer near my desk over the past two weeks – you owe me BIG for throwing them away before SK got notified about you. That hungry predator is still loose in the building and getting crazier by the day. By the way she looks, she’s definitely not sleeping.

  51. SK is going thru comments one at a time to try and figure out and crack the Code on who said each one. She has asked (demanded) that an IT staff member devote full resources into finding out the information. This is better than The DaVinci Code. Meanwhile Bonnie is close to an announcement given that upfronts are almost done. Poor, poor little rich girl. Tragic ending to a tragic individual with tragic strategic skills. Here is a question to weigh in on – where does she go from here? Will Steve Burke protect her? Think not. Will Ted? He’s running from her as fast as he can. Will all those individuals who she screwed over be vindicated? Happy job hunting SK. Your reputation is now widely known. Leave town. Quickly.

    1. i can not wait to see the announcement that sk is over. good luck with getting IT to help out. that is certainly way, way against the comcast code of conduct and illegal.

    2. basically every employee wrote about her. so she should ether fire everyone and run e! by herself or do the right thing and step down.

  52. So what’s the gossip around the E! office about this story? Seems like every single E! employee has posted here. (I’m an outsider.)

  53. So what would Bonnie give SK a year? Why not make SK an "at will" employee? Bonnie essentially is going to have to pay SK off. What a tragedy to Comcast stockholders and those people who SK screwed over financially (and emotionally).

  54. Please spare AMERICA further embarrassment and take this programming off the air. JUST SAY NO TO TRASH TV . Les Moonves and Sumner Redstone thank you for investing in your content and providing quality programming on your network CBS .

    1. Please just tell me that I will never have to hear or see anything about the KARDASHIANS ever again. How anybody can sit and watch that show is beyond me, please people of America get your own life and quit watching these un-talented spoiled attention whores.

  55. the e! fourth floor on wilshire is very strange right now. eggshell city. i really hope some kind of corporate email either about kolb leaving or staying comes out. in the meantime, meetings are awful and everyone running scared.

    1. agreed. strange vibe. there is almost a paralysis and nothing can get done which will just accelerate the low ratings/not making 2014 budget issue.

  56. I admit I only watch first season of this crazy family If I want see crazy family I watch Duck Dynasty with Uncle Si Least Uncle Si admitted he is crazy His excuse was he exposed Agent Orange

  57. I use to work in the marketing dept at E! What a joke. SK and Jen both need to go. In fact the entire dept should be blown up and restructured. SK has this manage by fear style of doing things. Nobody that surrounds her is creative. They just kiss ass all day. When you come up with creative ideas its stolen by your superior. Place is a big time joke. Micro management big time. The creative director Doris is a joke as well. Get some people in the company who have a pulse on entertainment.

    1. Doris is a prime example of a perfect SK hire: mediocre employee designed to make SK feel smart and superior. Harvard B-School says fill your team with people smarter than you…SK surrounds herself with mediocrity! Doris, textbook case of C-player .

  58. I use to work in the marketing dept at E! What a joke. SK and Jen both need to go. In fact the entire dept should be blown up and restructured. SK has this manage by fear style of doing things. Nobody that surrounds her is creative. They just kiss ass all day. When you come up with creative ideas its stolen by your superior. Place is a big time joke. Micro management big time. The creative director Doris is a joke as well. Get some people in the company who have a pulse on entertainment.

  59. Tomorrow is Monday. Or as we refer to it at E! – another week of hell with SK. She has only gotten worse since Black Friday (7/13) when you wrote this. She is a train wreck with the worst people skills.

    1. I just learned that Suzanne was only given a one year extension on her original three year deal because Bonnie needed more time to find her successor and they didn’t want to get rid of SK during upfront selling period. Bonnie is working furiously behind the scenes to lock the candidate who can turnaround the network. NBCU has now closed all their upfront deals. It’s only a matter of time. The big news here is confirmed lack of trust, support, belief in SK. And I hear a big purge in other key departments will come along with SK’s ouster.

      1. that is correct, i was involved with papering the deal. only one year…nbcu refused to give sk a standard multiyear contract because of both her performance and her behavior.

  60. Nikki: More important – and a better show than The Kartrashians – is the drama of Kolb. When will THAT show be cancelled? Please hurry up and tell us it is ending – soon.

    1. I hear it is going down as soon as all the nbcu upfront deals are completed. they want trying to show some kind of consistency while they are trying to sell royals, etc. bonnie would also like to have a successor in place, rather than name an interim head of e!

  61. So, again, SK is not happy with one of her hires. When is she going to let Jenn know that she is getting axed? Better hope that SK get’s knocked off first.

  62. Two months ago I got a call about running the marketing department at E! The recruiter wanted to see if I had any interest or suggestions. What little I knew about Suzanne, her management style and the marketing department I decided to pass (and not recommend any candidates). After reading these posts, thank God Almighty I avoided this nightmare.

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    1. can’t imagine joel wants to be at e! now that all the top level talent left such as ryan, chelsea–i know community is over, but it’s sad that he would stay there. especially after coming off the white house correspondent’s dinner.

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