Jared Leto Not In ‘Brilliance’

Jared Leto DBCI’ve just learned that Jared Leto now joins Will Smith in saying no to director Julius Onah’s Brilliance for Legendary Pictures. This would have been Leto’s first major starring role since winning the Best Supporting Actor Oscar for Dallas Buyers Club, which was Leto’s first film in 5 years. Leto met with the director on Monday but has now turned down the project, an  adaptation of the Marcus Sakey novel scripted by David Koepp. Noomi Rapace is attached for the female lead. Universal will release through its Legendary deal.

In other film news today all over the web, Looper writer-director Rian Johnson will script and helm Star Wars Episodes VIII and IX LucasFilm/Disney, taking over the iconic series from JJ Abrams.

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  7. Smart move on Jared’s part. The film sounds like a knockoff of X-Men; no description of it that I’ve read can make it sound interesting. Maybe he’ll be Dr. Strange?

  8. And so the McDonaldization of the movies continues. McDonald’s treats its employees like idiots and removes the possibility of human error from the production process. The studios are on course to achieve the same thing with movies. Rather than hiring seasoned directors with opinions, they hire young, inexperienced guys who are cheap and can be easily influenced. The studios are brand custodians, so they have input on every creative decision. Maybe one day we’ll revert to days of yore when directors were just hired hacks who moved actors around the set. Maybe we’re already there? In the meantime, just like the food at McDonald’s, these big budget, brand led movies will all look the same, be served up lukewarm, leave a bad aftertaste, and be highly likely to turn our stomachs.

      1. I would suggest that makes it EXACTLY like what Marvel is doing. Many of those directors are allowing themselves to be cornered on creative decisions because they’re keen to be part of the Marvel Universe.

    1. McDonald’s treats their employees like idiots, because they are idiots! For the most part, they’re teens with zero experience at anything & can’t figure out the simplest thing there & how do do it. Anytime McDonald’s runs a coupon & I use it, inevitably, the one at the register has to call for the manager in order to find out what to do so the coupon will take off the proper amount of money. And special orders are worse, as they just don’t listen to what you’ve said & almost always mix that up.

    2. I don’t see why that’s a bad thing? Marvel is churning out consistently decent-to-great films. MCU’s worst offering to date (imo) was Iron Man 2, which, all things considered, was not a terrible film, just okay. With their most recent film (Cap America 2) being, I feel, their strongest film to date, and with guardians of the Galaxy looking great in all the trailers we’ve seen until now, I find there to be little reason to reproach Marvel. With such a good track record, clearly they’ve got their formula right so far. As far as the limiting of creative freedoms for directors goes, as part of the movie-going audience, I don’t see this as a bad thing so long as I thoroughly enjoy the movie in question.

  9. Guess it’s time to go on the road with the band then? Lol. Have to say, it’s great to live long enough to see things like Will Smith exiting a project and the offer going to Jared Leto, who then passes. Who is sloppy thirds on this, Aaron Paul or Jeremy Renner?

  10. Nikki- Can you please post the source for the Star Wars information? I see it all over the web, but would like to know what site posted it 1st. Thanks in advance.

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