Father Of The Bride Turns Gay

fatherofthebridestevemartinHappy Fathers Day, everyone. (I know it sucks to spend the day with civilians…) And on that note you should know that Disney and Warner Bros are sorting out the rights to Father Of The Bride 3 with Charles Shyer to write and direct (Nancy Meyers passed) and Steve Martin to return. (What else does he have going?) The twist in this threequel is that Little Matty is now 29 and gay and getting married to a Navy SEAL’s son.  Father of the bride George is "thunderstruck and speechless" and has problems with the whole gay thing. So wife Nina kicks him out of the house, according to the pitch which Disney loved. Shyer is writing it with Marc Klein, David Hoberman producing again. "It’s a timely idea," my source said. "I told Charles I just hope it goes forward before gay stops trending…"
UPDATE: Steve Martin tweeted Monday afternoon:

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  1. Let’s see. How many movies are released each year by the major studios: Disney, Warner Bros., Universal, Columbia, Paramount, Fox. They each release 10 to 20 pictures a year. So it’s approximately 125 films each year. Of the 125 or so films, how many had a gay theme? I’ll bet you can’t name three. I can’t think of one.

  2. If you don’t want to see gay themed movies, don’t pay to see them. Or, are you just opposed to them getting made? They are not going to shove them down your throat anymore or less then other movies are shoved down your throat. There are other demographics out there besides older white males. Tell that to the GOP too.

    1. Exactly. It sounds like he’s hedging his bets in case it doesn’t go forward. And he may not have read the script because there isn’t one yet. Just an idea. Writers like Shyer aren’t going to put pen to paper without money on the table not to mention knowing Martin is on board. This film will happen. Is Nikki ever wrong?

  3. Seems like a dumb overall concept, that’s trying way to hard to be "hip and happening and edgy." I have nothing against gays, but come on — even HEARING the high concept pitch for this just makes the average person think "Yeah, you’re just pandering and looking to be overly politically correct." And in the DUMBEST part of all is that it’s been 19 YEARS since "Bride 2″ came out — where the whole plot centered on both Steve Martin’s wife AND his daughter giving birth at the same time. I’ll say that again — 19 YEARS. Which means that given the year or 2 that it will take to get this thing ramped up and into production and doing post and finally into theaters means you’re really talking 21 YEARS between films. So chuck out the loony politically correct "gay wedding" nonsense and just do the OBVIOUS thing of all — namely, Martin is "Father of the Bride" for a third time because — DUH! — either his Grandaughter is getting marries (now being 19-21) or …the reason it’s Father of the Bride 3 is because — DUH AGAIN! — given her now grown-up age, it literally WOULD be his THIRD child (the baby now grown up) getting married. Seriously, how OBVIOUS a thing can you miss? But I guess Charles Shyer or the Execs at Disney can’t even do basic math…!

  4. Anyone who actually makes films, knows that Steve Martin could technically be right and so could Nikki. Of course Martin hasn’t seen a script YET… he won’t until the studio feels it’s good enough to be shown to him. That is standard practice across the board with studio projects. And he also will not technically be "offered the role" (i.e. be given a firm offer) until the script itself is at a stage where the studio is willing to green light it. Martin’s tweet, in short, is a disingenuous technicality rather than an outright repudiation of Nikki’s scoop.

  5. As long as they raise the level of "gay wedding" above the slop in SATC2, it’s fine with me. Oh, and bring back Martin Short who is always great.

  6. hmmm – I just realized Nikki made this comment: "What else does he have going?" ………………and now that I re-read it – is that meant towards Steve Martin? ……… as if he as anything to prove to anyone?? ……………………………………………………………………. so was she first insulting Steve Martin and then to top it off her entire scoop was WRONG? …………………………….. FYI — certified TALENT like Steve Martin don’t need to prove anything to anyone – so he’s not as busy making new films as he used to be in his younger years – and this matters because ??? he’s earned his success through decades of hard work and undeniable talent – and if he did make FOTB 3 – what was the purpose of insulting him by saying: What else does he have going? …………………………………………….. other than this new site – what else do YOU have going Nikki Finke (besides your legal battle – over this site and your old site) ?

    1. Nikki says: I know it sucks to spend the day with civilians… ……………………… does that mean it sucks to spend the day with someone’s Dad or family ? ….. it sucks to spend time with anyone who is not in the industry or the military? does Nikki fancy herself a "soldier" or something ? is she in the trenches typing from her computer whenever she gets an anonymous tip? is that supposed to make her tough? …… what is wrong with this woman? … does she have any idea how silly some of the things she writes sound? … does she do all this on purpose just to get reactions from people or is she really this arrogant and without positive emotion towards anything?

      1. If you don’t like the product, shop somewhere else. I don’t spend my day on Fox News berating them for all the crap they call news. If you don’t like Nikki for whatever reason, why aren’t you at The Crap or TMZ? Get a life.

    2. Who said her entire scoop was wrong? Not the writers, producers or studios. Martin only said he hadn’t read a script or been made an offer. But you damn well know he knows about the project. Creative wouldn’t go forward without knowing he was a yes. And what does Martin have going is a comment not an indictment. But if you know what projects he has on the horizon please share.

  7. My biggest problem with this idea is that they appear to be making this film just to be edgy and not because they have a story. Also adding the homophobic plot bothers me. Why not just have the father be ok with it at the start of the film. That might be a stronger statement to treat this marriage as if it were normal without the usual gay homophobic jokes which are done and tired. Make the fiance a blue collar guy insted with Martin not thinking he is good enough for his kid.

    1. If he’s okay with it from the beginning, then where’s the story? Where’s the conflict? Where’s his arc? Making him a homophobe doesn’t mean he has to be a nasty one. It might help others who struggle with the same thoughts re-think their position, watching a character like Martin’s grow and change. Just a thought.

      1. The conflict is that he doesn’t think the man is good enough for his son. Martin’s kid lets say is a doctor and the fiance is a blue collar construction worker.

  8. Oooof. It was so nice to get the long respite from the shrieking and the embarrassing contortionist-like-self-back-patting. to say nothing of the "Belieber-like" posts of congratulations, and the neanderthal commenters who first came to Hollywood news when a certain site was linked to Drudge back in the olden days, and now they’ve obviously followed Nikki here, too. "Gay mafia?" Sigh. The collective IQ – plenty low enough already – is plummeting again. Oh, and nice scoop, too, refuted by the most prominent central character. Well, I’ll give you points for posting the tweet. Now lets see if the story vanishes from the archives, or is tweaked and qualified without acknowledgement. And, lemme guess – this qualifies as a "boring" comment…and so the ink is already disappearing. Nice layout, though, and some superior use of unique fonts.

  9. Push that agenda, keep playing to the five percent. Not like you have shareholders to answer to….. Maybe you can guilt people into seeing it, you never know.

      1. It wasn’t the "gayness" of the THE BIRDCAGE that made it such a hit. For the record, BIRDCAGE was made at a time when both Robin Williams and Nathan Lane were considered "hot" properties (or at least very marketable) and people were willing to see both in a big screen comedy. At the time, Williams was coming off the winning streak of ALADDIN, MRS. DOUBTFIRE and JUMANJI … meanwhile Lane had established himself with smaller comedy parts, in things like ADDAMS FAMILY VALUES and certainly voicing Timon in THE LION KING which was truly huge — plus, he was likewise establishing himself as a critics darling on Broadway. And don’t forget that back in 1996, BIRDCAGE was also heavily marketed as "a Mike Nichols film", given that he likewise was a critics darling at the time , where even his name carried some marquee value at the time. Roll it all together into a well-executed advertising campaign and it made THE BIRDCAGE look like a good mainstream comedy at the time — hence the reason so many people checked it out and made it a surprise hit.

      2. The Birdcage was a shitty, awful movie that had next to nothing to do with gay peoples’ lives today. But unless we queers are drag queens, or die at the end of the movie, we apparently can’t be on screen.

    1. Five percent? ‘Cuz straight guys don’t watch lesbian make-outs? And I’ll tell you, it ain’t gay folk writing slash fic. That’s on YOUR ninety-five. Folks needn’t be gay to care about gay people. I’m white, and I still watch "Scandal" and "The Cosby Show;" I’m male but I watch "Gravity" and "Grey’s Anatomy." You don’t have to exactly like someone to care about them. Nor do you have to be exactly like other folk to see part of your life in theirs’.

  10. After the Kim and Kanye wedding, any another wedding would be welcome, gay or not. And Steve Martin…enough with the music, you need to get back on screen!

  11. I love all the people who hate the idea of FOTB3 but have lot’s of script suggestions. This will get made. Steve Martin’s saying he’s not been made an offer or seen a script. I doubt this. What he’s NOT saying is that he wouldn’t do it. The group that is doing this film wouldn’t put one word on paper if they didn’t KNOW Martin was onboard.

  12. So you missed the hell out of this Nikki. Steve Martin tweets that he hasn’t even heard about a script. Way to start off the new site with bogus info. I know sources turn out wrong sometimes, but this was very specific and entirely wrong.

  13. Tell me, seriously, are there parents out there who still get upset when they learn their child is gay? This movie sounds so ’90s and out of touch. Maybe the writing will be so funny nobody will notice how stupid the premise is. So happy I found you new site, Nikki.

  14. Wow… Talk about not knowing, understanding OR valuing your demographic. I hope Steve Martin DOESN’T make this movie, nor any of the original cast… for their sake.

  15. At first I thought, yay, another Steve Martin/Diane Keaton movie. I did love Father of the Bride, especially the first one. Then I read some of the comments and reconsidered. In my opinion, this movie is doomed for failure. I am all for marriage equality, but this new spin on Father of the Bride feels "forced" and not authentic. I don’t think it will have any redeeming qualities, plus it will make a parody of gay marriage. I don’t think I could watch "George Banks" having issues with his gay son, and we see his personal struggles played out for 2 hours on the big screen. I would hope we’ve evolved more. I will pass on this movie.

  16. Huh. I thought the idea sounded sort of lame until I read all the comments hyperventilating about Hollywood’s ‘gay agenda.’ Seriously? Grow up. There needs to be more representation of homosexuals who aren’t dying of AIDs or dying period, not less. Go Steve Go.

  17. A sequel to this movie is a cop out. Play out the gay thing in a new movie. A new movie… A gay black, who is a drug using street hustler, gets elected as president of the USA, transforms the country like Hitler into a socialist mind numbing left wing totalitarian state….

      1. No, Hitler was a socialist, hence the NAZI Party, the National Socialist movement. He sought to cleanse the nation of those he thought were threatening Germany…and after getting to power, he just kept on going, because power corrupts…as we see here in the US today, one man who thinks he can order change as he sees fit, supported by a few like minded maniacs and a compliant media and a propaganda machine known as Hollywood. Hitler was the left wing of the last century…it’s a new century, full of change… By the way, you think living the life here is bad? Under every other form of government than ours, homosexuals aren’t bullied, they’re slaughtered…every time. Think about that the next time you vote for a socialist who promises you the government is here to help.

      2. @Panhandled. The Nazis were left wing statists. Look it up in an authoritative source instead of talking off the top of your head.

  18. These are some of the most laughably ignorant and trolly comments I’ve seen on any article on any website ever. If 99% of these comments aren’t pure satire, I’m scared that people as stupid and closed-minded as this actually exist in 2014.

  19. Pro-tip: If you are angry about some kind of gay media or discussion around gay issues, maybe don’t use the phrase "shoving it down our throats". Beyond the semantic irony, I hate it when people say, "I don’t care what people do behind closed doors" as a reason why gay relationships shouldn’t be portrayed. I strongly doubt this movie will have a gay sex scene. Being in a relationship, any relationship, is about a lot more than sex. No one is ‘flaunting’ anything. They are just representing a relationship.

  20. Steve Martin has a very successful music career – so he is plenty busy! He has even won a Grammy. Might want to do your research before you proclaim him to be sitting around just waiting to do the next big liberal Hollywood flop movie.

  21. Only a matter of time before the PIXAR crews have to make gay animations come to life. We’re going to make you accept and watch this if it’s the last thing we do dammit! Give it a fucking rest. When will Holywood realize the shoving things down people’s throats only alienates them more. I guess it just means more gays casting couches will open up. If the idea/franchise has nothing more to offer, then just leave it retired already. Nobody cares – we all know gay folks exist and most of us have gay friends and family members. How about some polygamista? We needs more of that – Big Love is over and I need a fix.

    1. I missed the part where people are forced to buy movie tickets. Don’t like something? Don’t watch it. If enough people do the same, the demand for that thing will go away. If not, too bad. I’ve been not watching the Transformers movies for years because they look awful, but I don’t give a crap that other people go see them.

      1. Transformers isn’t an agenda is it? OTOH the other is. Get over yourselves already. Yippee – you’re gay! I could give a rat’s ass, but I’m also sick of hearing about it. Move on, get married, la de da.

        1. So why is one movie an agenda and another isn’t? Because it has something in it you personally don’t want to see? Or are you pro-censorship and think some movies should be banned because you don’t agree? Because my point stands – you aren’t forced to buy a ticket.

          1. As rhetorical questions go, this one isn’t very good, nor is your swing at the softball you’ve lobbed to yourself. A movie that attempts to deconstruct socio-normative behavior in a way that agrees with the filmmakers’ personal ideology is clearly a movie with an agenda. Message movies are fine, but when the message trumps entertainment due to Hollywood playing Social Justice Warrior, you have an agenda film. This is not a distinction that is difficult to recognize. See: Most of Matt Damon’s box office disappointments over the past decade. Yet these films keep getting made in spite of their box office. Why? Well the first reason is that it’s a trade-off. The star makes three tentpole films that make millions upon million of dollars, so the studio greenlights the star’s message movie so that this big time actor or actress can feel less guilty about the part of them that now reeks of capitalist swine. The second reason is that ideologically-speaking, Hollywood is one big circle-jerk with the money and the platform to get out any message they want without need to be fair, balanced, or even reasonable. It’s a back-patting contest as to who can be the biggest lefty-progressive, but in the end, everybody wins. It’s okay to write-off some cash when you take a shot at some Social Justice-approved prestige picture. One of the common counterarguments I’ve seen in this thread regarding the "gay agenda" is that 3% of the population can’t possibly have that much control. Fair enough, but how much of that 3% is concentrated in Hollywood, and how many powerful friends do they have in that same microcosm of money and commercial influence who believe that being a Social Justice Warrior for gay causes pretty much trumps everything else? Outside of lining their pockets, of course

  22. Wow, I’m quite upset with the way people are reacting to this idea. I get these movies are amazing the way they are and they are "classics" but really??? Hollywood is running out of ideas. It was only a matter of time before they start remaking movies and making sequels to movies that haven’t been thought of in 20 years. The least we can do is keep an open mind, wait until it comes out, see the movie, and Then start bashing how bad it was. This movie is just an idea and people are already putting in there horrible opinions. Honestly, I can’t wait for this movie to come out! I think it’s about time they came out with something relating to these movies, I’ve loved these movies since I first saw them as a little girl!!! I can’t wait to see how this turns out!

  23. Gay isn’t trending so strongly anymore once the more militant started going for the jugular on anyone who isn’t totally "with it".

  24. Way to ruin a really well made series – the first two films were great. I get it, some people are homosexual, but why is this lifestyle choice shoved in everyone’s face so often?

    1. So, it’s okay to have a gay wedding planner in a movie but not as a main character? not as a member of a wholesome family? not wanting to get married? This is exactly why this movie needs to be made!

      1. I’m personally exhausted with all the straight stuff shoved in my face every day. Every sitcom always has to have a straight relationship in it SOMEWHERE. Every movie has to end with straight couples getting together. Walking down the street every day, I have to see straight people holding hands. And I’m tired of it!

        1. It might be because homosexuals only make up roughly 3% of the population. http://www.gallup.com/poll/158066/special-report-adults-identify-lgbt.aspx

        2. Get a job at a gay bar. Get an apartment above that gay bar. Make sure there is a grocery store right next to that gay bar. For all other errands, find a friend to execute. This will solve problem.

  25. If I didn’t understand that liberal-progressive politics overrides everything else in Hollywood (except money) I’d be completely speechless about this. The whole thing is absolutely ridiculous.

  26. If Disney gives this away because don’t want to make these kind of movies anymore, I think they’re making a big mistake. They should make Touchstone films once in awhile…in addition to the Dreamworks stuff.

  27. It’s none of my business what goes behind closed doors between two consenting adults, but enough with the fourth estate shoving this pro-gay agenda down our throats.

  28. Well hell if they really want to make it interesting they should have the gay love interest be an Afghani soldier with a thing for older men who develops a thin for Steve Martin’s character. *Then* shit’ll start getting zany!

  29. I think I’m suffering from "gay fatigue" from Hollywood lately. Yes, it works on Modern Family. But there’s are several differences: 1.) Ensemble Cast: It’s not all about Mitch and Cam 2.) I don’t have to pay $10+ for a ticket to watch Modern Family (aka There’s a difference between commercial supported television, and actively paying for content.) 3.) Overexposure to (and I can’t believe I’m actually saying this), the "gay agenda". Regardless of how you feel about marriage equality (or whatever they’re calling to make it less offensive and/or socially acceptable these days)…ENOUGH ALREADY. Most people in this country (and worldwide) are straight, by a large percentage. A great many are against gay marriage for religious reasons, or are simply uninterested the subject matter proposed. I hope this gets killed in development, or at the very least is a massive failure at the box office that results in the very public firing of the executive who greenlit the project.

    1. As I mentioned earlier as a rebuttal to the idea that the gay population is too small for the "gay agenda" argument to be valid — it’s not a matter of the overall population percentage, so much as it is a matter of the percentage within the entertainment industry, which is significantly higher than in the total population of the United States. To Hollywood, this is their life on screen; they see it everywhere. They don’t care or think about how this may be tiresome for those in "flyover" country who are simply exhausted of seeing it consistently shoehorned into their entertainment. To them it’s about being loud and proud 24/7, and they have little but disdain for the environment or values that exist in "flyover country". When I take my child to see Paranorman or Dragon 2, perhaps I’m not ready to have the "some men like men" discussion with them yet, but these movies sort of force your hand in a way the you don’t see coming, which is how Hollywood insults most of their audience, and outright alienates 50% of them. Also, as per this FotB pitch, those in Hollywood genuinely believe that anyone who has any kind of conscientious objection for ANY reason clearly has homophobic or bigoted tendencies, or (as the modern trope goes) are themselves closeted gays. This is insulting to intelligence of the people who actually pay to see these films. For that reason (but certainly not for that reason only), I too hope this thing rots in development hell.

  30. Yet another Disney attempt to "shove an alternative lifestyle" down out throats…no pun intended. What crap, what shit. Steve Martin should be ashamed. Take your goddamned banjo and just leave, will you?

  31. Shouldn’t it be titled Father of the Groom? is Matty a girl or a boy? if a girl she’s marrying a female navy seal is that the idea? no I just read the article again Matty is a boy marrying the son of a Navy Seal so it has to be titled Father of the Groom.

  32. Just how old is Martin’s character in this film supposed to be anwyay?!?! As compared to all the rest of the franchise? It’s not the sexual orientation angle I’m having trouble with, it’s the time dilations and depending on who they cast as Martin’s wife the possible sexism (you can bet she’s going to have to appear to be younger than Martin whomever she is).

  33. Funny how the gay mafia wants to shove their bedroom activities down our throats. Yet they forget that true tolerance doesn’t mean I have to agree or condone their lifestyle. I just have to put up with it…by not supporting the movie and watching it bomb horribly. The gay mafia have shot themselves in the foot…most normal folks are sick and tired of what whiny bitches they’ve become. NO ONE GIVES A CRAP WHO YOU SLEEP WITH!!!

  34. So, not only do you get the gay marriage propaganda, you get the main character "evolving" on gay marriage. Who pitched this crap? GLADD?

  35. For it to fly it has to be the younger daughter now in college and Gay. Two women maybe kissing always draws the young guy demographic.

  36. HO hum…. more perverted crapola destined for the loss side of the ledger and the ash heap of history. Nobody really wants to here this kind of freak grunting any longer. Except of course the declining tribe of freaks.

    1. Yep, the "freaks" who’ve been declining since the beginnings of civilization. Funny how straight people keep giving birth to gay kids. Maybe we should get rid of the straight folks, if we really want to stop things in their tracks.

  37. I don’t know if there is an agenda behind this film, or if it is trying to cash in on a perceived demand for gay films. Either way it sounds like a disaster.

  38. "What else does he have going?" Actually Steve Martin is on a cross-country tour promoting his wonderful new music CD with Edie Brickell, which includes dates at the Hollywood Bowl. Then in November he’ll be doing press for the new Dreamworks Animation movie for which he voiced a character. I don’t get why you would think he’s not doing anything?

  39. OMG…. Nikki, glad to have you back! This idea totally sucks and will be a flop. I know that most of the development gays think this is a new idea, but, didn’t Glee already cover this? The gay mafia has come and gone (jeezeeeeee, no pun intended)the studios are driving the real creative ideas to netfliks. RIP!!

  40. Hollywood is never satisfied until it destroys any and all reputation the original versions have left. When is the next Police Academy Sequel coming out?

  41. I’m gay, and sick of the trend. Please stop, before everyone on earth despises us. I wouldn’t mind a "Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner?" with a gay interracial couple, which still makes sense (believe me), but please, even I’m getting bored with the gay, gay, gay stuff.

    1. Thank you for saying that. You do everyone still trying to adjust and learning to be open-minded a huge service. Lord knows we can’t say it. That would make us bigots.

  42. I had to look at the calendar to see if this was April Fool’s day and not Father’s Day. Who the hell at Disney "loved" this idea? If it HAS to be made: this might work better with a third Three Men and a Baby than a Father of the Bride.

  43. Hon, millennialist are so entitled and vomit inducing. They’re worse than my hemorrhoids and no doubt hon that this movie will be aimed at their disgusting generation? Jonah Hill will no doubt play the gay son because he has to convince us he doesn’t hate us. Caftans! Liza! I’m old!

      1. you should be kissing my dads ass for what he did in WWII He died some years later from associated war injuries To think the country is in the hands of some azzwipe like you that is appalling you opinionated pos More concerned with a film with a gay theme than what is going on in the world theater.They are the greatest generation because they did what no other nation on earth could accomplish.

  44. Wow – I’m very, very disappointed in this theme. Too bad I can’t post my name – the thought police would find my idea unacceptable.

  45. Guaranteed flop & I mean huge flop. 1. It’s a sequel & they almost always suck. 2. Gays are so, so yesterday. It’s transgenders that are in now. Little Matty should be getting a sex change instead. Now that would be a sequel!

    1. That would probably be a much funnier movie, especially with an actor like Martin who could plausibly play attracted to and disgusted by simultaneously. And Diane Keaton could say stuff like, "I’ve known for DECADES, but I wasn’t going to butch myself up for you."

  46. Wasn’t his character on pretty good terms with Martin Short’s flaming wedding planner in the last film? Kind of doesn’t make sense that he’d have a problem with his son being gay.

    1. For men of that generation, learning your son is gay kinda lands a bit differently than working with a flamer (let’s face it, Martin Short was anything but subtle) on your daughter’s wedding.

    2. I think that plot twist would be great. There are so many people (men and women) who are totally okay with being friends with gays and lesbians but the moment their own family member comes out of the closet they totally lose it. I think this idea hit the nail on the head.

      1. Who would have thought that people would be upset about their 20+ year investment in time, energy, emotional support leading to a gay marriage instead of a relationship from which might come grandchildren and succeeding generations to continue the genetic family line in a traditional way. I mean, what’s a million years of successful procreation shot in the ass mean in the face of a frivolous derailment due to media brainwashing making sexual roles a source of confusion? When do the Darwin Awards get presented?

  47. Why screw with an "Classic" yeah I know Liz Taylor would have endorsed this but can’t the straight world keep anything? Is there another way to do this without using the Father of the Bride? I can see the mocking titles already! Acceptance is one thing jamming a cock down everyone’s throat I gotta ask WHY????

    1. As a proud straight father, I’ve got to say that I never really considered "Father of the Bride" movies as "ours." Making Rambo gay, sure… wouldn’t be down with that. But "Father of the Bride?" Really? If you’re talking about "Father of the Bride" with your fantasy football league then I think you need to be honest with yourself that there’s something else going on.

    2. Wow… really? ONE mainstream film about gay people getting married= A gay porn movie that prevents the "straight world" from ‘keeping’ anything? That was quite a jump.

  48. Sounds like a great idea!!! The country is ready for a film like this. Hopefully the movie is solid. Steve Martin is a national treasure.

      1. He or she must not have gay overload yet, which is growing. Just like with anything, you get tired of that that is overexposed at some point.

        1. GAY overload? I’m straight dude, but there’s no such thing as gay overload. You mean someone who is different than you expressing their own unique culture? You are seeing more gays in media because people are becoming more accepting of a large percentage of the population. And in regards to "gay" "trending", as stated in the article, it’s not trending. It’s just more accepted now. That’s like saying "black" is trending, because rap music has become so popular. It’s not trending, it’s representative of a large part of Americans.

          1. Well I am sick to death of having it shoved down my throat (no pun intended) everywhere I turn. The Love That Dare Not Speak Its Name has been yelling in my ear far too long.

          2. Uh yes there is… Try living in San Francisco for a while. You will very quickly understand what Greg is talking about. When you can’t make a television show or movie without ‘positive gay representation’, you have achieved gay overload.

          3. Thank you. Seriously, that’s like me saying I’m tired of straight overload (I am, btw. What’s up with every single romantic movie ever ending in straight people kissing? It’s gross and unnatural and I’m sick to death of it).

          4. I’m surprised this hasn’t already been done, and if you are going to do it, now is the time. Steve Martin still looks great and this role was made for him.

          5. One of the consistent arguments for diversity is that our entertainment should be more reflective of our culture. If that’s the case, then the gay community is vastly overrepresented in our entertainment choices these days. The reason of course is because that same community is vastly overrepresented in Hollywood itself. So given that…yes, gay overload is certainly a very real thing. One very valid complaint is when we as an audience are "sucker punched" with homosexuality in a piece of younger-skewing entertainment that otherwise has nothing to do with themes of sexual identity. As I mentioned before, why must Paranorman put me in a position to explain homosexuality to my 5 year old? At least How to Train Your Dragon 2 was vague about it. But nevertheless, this couldn’t have anything to do with the fact that both of the directors on these films are themselves gay, could it? Again…vastly overrepresented.

    1. Also, make the son’s gay lover an illegal immigrant, black-latino, anti-war, transgendered vampire; add a "forbidden love" story line between the son’s lover’s Republican Navy SEAL father, and all-American (but sexually-repressed and "closeted") Democrat George (Steve Martin); a few gratuitous lesbian scenes (involving the confused mothers); a few really explicit gay orgy scenes, a zombie virus outbreak, lots of CGI explosions, and it practically writes itself.

      1. I couldn’t have put it better myself. The only thing you forgot was a "climate change" element to the script. This movie will be a definite "two thumbs down".

      2. Nah, the closet cases are usually Republicans – Ted Haggard, Rikers, Alan Chambers. And I’d watch the shit out of that gay-orgy-zombie-explosion scene. Can we do vampires ‘stead of zombies, though? Zombies never get it up or, indeed, sew it on.

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