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Emmy Snubs ‘Sons Of Anarchy’s Kurt Sutter Again: "How I Feel"

I asked Sons Of Anarchy creator Kurt Sutter to write about how he’s feeling after the Emmy nominations came out today:

There’s a certain cachet that comes with being snubbed in all major categories*. Repeatedly.

It’s the “Lucci Factor”. You gain more fame, kurtsutter200respect and admiration the more your efforts are ignored. If you win gracefully, you’re famous. If you lose loudly, you’re infamous. I, unfortunately, fall into the later category. Not to say that I haven’t mellowed, I have. I’m halfway through my second paragraph and I haven’t called anyone at AMC a money-whoring, talentless cunt yet. So, that’s progress, right?  Honestly – and I actually believe this – I think we’d drop viewers if ‘Sons of Anarchy‘ were ever nominated for an Emmy. KurtSutterMy bombastic outlaw-asshole reputation would be tarnished. Or rather, untarnished. I’d be just another smiling douchebag in a new suit, pretending to give a shit on the red carpet. Actually… taking a shit on the red carpet, that’s something that might drop as a “real and honest moment”. Although that’s pretty much what Joan and Melissa have been doing for 10 years and I don’t think either one of them have anything real left on their bodies…

Now, let me be clear… That’s not to say that I don’t want to win an Emmy. I absolutely do. More than anything. Any artist who tells you they don’t want to be acknowledged and awarded by their peers is a fat fucking liar. I’m not sure why they have to be fat, but you get the point.

But here’s the rub — I know on an intellectual level that the Emmys are not and have never been a valid qualifier of talent. I know the people who vote are busy industry people with limited time and departmental biases (Costumers, Production Designers, Makeup, etc.). Throw in the fact that studios and networks spend millions on Emmy campaigns to influence votes, and you end up with a very flawed system where most folks rush to fill in circles for friends and shows they’ve seen once or twice or “heard” were really good.

And yet knowing all of that, I still suffer the emotional and spiritual depletion every July when ‘Sons of Anarchy’ gets zero nominations in all major categories. While other fucking shows that ran out of story three seasons ago, still get tagged to step up to the show. To explain the feeling, I use an analogy from a part of our lives that probably best describes our industry – high school. Remember when that kid you hated from second period French had that big end of year party? You knew he was a lazy, self-important, pompous douchebag, and yet when you didn’t get the invitation, you sobbed into your Members Only jacket and a piece of youthful hope cracked off your soul and fell in dogshit.

Fuck you, Kevin Doyle…

But I digress. So… another season, another bevy of glorious nods for the very talented and the very familiar. “God bless them all. I wish them abundance and success. They deserve all the love and praise the universe gives them.” I’ll be saying that affirmation a lot today. It’ll keep me from killing puppies with a tack hammer.

Hooray for Hollywood.

* I know we received a nom today (and in the past) for Original Song. I honor, love and appreciated the efforts of Bob Thiele Jr. and Noah Gundersen, but music is a creative layer that lives above, beyond and in spite of this show. So the rant above still applies.

  235 comments on “Emmy Snubs ‘Sons Of Anarchy’s Kurt Sutter Again: "How I Feel"

  1. I can’t help but interpret these repetitive snubs of SOA as one sub-culture consciously excluding another. As many comments above mentioned, this show accurately depicts and represents a way of life for many Americans. Finally, the light is shining on this MC world via mainstream television, but Hollywood elites still choose to ignore it. As if they do not want to glorify it, among every other lifestyle that is glorified by them? Does this authentic, gritty, salt-of-the-earth, family-driven subculture that is real and alive today threaten your glitz, glamour, materialistic, self-important, medicated, loveless lives? Are you afraid that the commoners will rally on their bikes and spill beer on your designer shoes? Sons of Anarchy is more than a show. It is the acknowledgement (finally!) of a community rejected and stereotyped by the media for too long. Thank you, Kurt and your team, for sharing our story.

  2. I love the show and have seen every episode. It depicts a subculture where violence and mayhem is a way of life. The characters’ actions are accordingly over the top. The show is uncompromising in terms of casting actors who look and sound like they could survive in this milieu. It’s called Sons of Anarchy for a reason and is not a show with something for everyone. The Emmys are about reaching a broad audience and recognize shows that set out to do just that. Be proud Mr. Sutter that you have stayed true to your own vision. I look forward to your last season and will truly miss this world you have created when it’s gone.

  3. Um. The fuck?! SOA is light years ahead of any shitty breaking bad, zombie bullshit, whatever other fucking bullshit shows are out there, I could barely make it through the pilot on any other " big name" shows. I have not watched any tv series since hbo dead like me. Because they all suck sweaty balls. SOA had me hooked just off the pilot, 2 months, 4 seasons on Netflix, season five on begging random ppl to bootleg it for me, and then season six with the rest of our shitty society , painfully week by week, later, never have I been so emotionally attached to people . No, they are not characters to me. They are my fucking family. Never have I experienced every human emotion possible through a fucking TV SERIES. I am still in denial about this being the last season. Sutter triumphs easily, in the hardest thing to do in Hollywood, make a tv series that completely engrossed and literally possesses the watcher into another world . Sutter, thank you for looking past all the bullshit you must have to, to keep your brilliant imagination fast at work. You are a genius and the hour of SOA has saved my sanity so many times, amd that is no easy feat. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Oh yea, fuck the Emmys .

    1. Kurt you are a master of your craft.. You have a cult like following.. Your fans want more seasons.. They’re begging for it.. That means more than any cheap ass award.. They’re all fuckin rigged anyway.. Keep kickin ass and blowing our minds with your craft !!! I love it!!!

  4. Kurt, I feel your pain. You were definitely robbed the first four season when SOA was still my favorite show on television … back before I discovered Breaking Bad. Take heart, though, your show has been increasingly awful over the last two seasons, so it just might finish up its run being as crappy as those monotonous shows that actually get Emmy nominations. P.S. After trying with several really impressive plot-killing episodes, SOA finally succeeded in jumping the shark with that school shooting – it was an Evel Kneivel-styled jump, but a jump nevertheless. If you had left us at least one character worth hoping will make it out alive, but you’ve killed or neutered all the characters for whom I used to be a fan.

  5. There’s 2 words that fit together governing why SOA has never been nominated. These words are ‘cinematic television.’ Sorry to say it, but your show doesn’t qualify. I have watched every season, and your show is a hastily produced, poorly shot, terribly cast, I’ll – written, cheesy montage-driven soap opera for trailer trash. How you can even come close to even hinting that you could be on the same stage as Breaking Bad, House of Cards, or True Detective baffles me. It’s like comparing a home movie made by high functioning retards to ‘The Godfather.’ And I have to add: the first season was pretty good. It went downhill after that. The bikes on the plane thing to Ireland was ridiculous. And hiring Rollins to ‘act’ – even more stupid (Have you seen Johnny Nuemonic?). Your only saving grace is Jaxx. He’s the only strong and partially likeable character. Also, look at all truly remarkable shows – they all have one thing in common. STRONG CAST. It’s like you’ve cast background actors in main parts accross the board. Also, a less convoluted plot with more oomph would go a lot further. And FFS dispense with the montage bullshit. It’s pathetic.

    1. Hey used to be a fan, aside from season 3 which wasn’t spectacular, I disagree with just about everything you are spewing. The casting has been wonderful. Truly talented well respected actors and actresses. Plot lines that are explosive and unpredictable. Ballsy no holds barred storytelling at its finest. I like breaking bad also but s.o.a. is it’s own badass predatory animal.

      1. Hey. Reading my critique again, I have been harsh on Mr Sutter. I do have respect for him as a writer – and sheesh – he does something every day that none of could hope to. Yet, I do feel his show is much less cerebral journey than any of his pre-mentioned TV peers. He seems like a great guy with great morals, but Emmy material – no. Just being honest. And sorry for being so harsh. I guess I was just really pissed about the direction SOA has taken. It lost me a long time ago, yet I keep watching – hoping – it would get epic. Though for me it never has :( Sorry Kurt. Respect to you, and I really do with all my heart hope you hold an Emmy one day.

  6. You’re a reverse SNOB, Sutter, thinking you’re better than people who think they’re better than everyone else ’cause they live what you consider self-absorbed pretentious lives (and what is dressing up in leather and talking tough if it’s not pretentious and self-absorbed?). What a crock. I grew up poor and dysfunctional and still always thought that attitude was as crazy as the guys across the track we considered snobs. Fact is, what only matters is what you do, not what someone else does or thinks about you. You’ve gotten rich off spinning bullshit and trying to rip off Shakespeare (not the first, not the last, not as good) and now you’re whine-bagging like some punk. Anyway, keep up the good work. See ya’ on the beach!

  7. mr. sutter. im from west virginia and i think its grest. i grow up in the 60, and beleive me your show is right on. their are perverse things on regular tvand they dont nominate your show. for an emmy. they are not fair. god bless you and family,things have a way of workingout.keep the faith.

  8. Look, you have a great show. Live off of that. I get it. Putting this out there for the entire industry? Entertaining. Takes balls. We could probably guess private e-mails are going around saying what was written here – but in this new day and age of digital immediate publication seen by the masses, and frankly the people who will be hiring you next…. I simply say: REALLY!? It takes more dignity and respect to be silent. Calling people out or an organization that yes picks the same shows every year…. doesn’t seem to be the right way to, ah, win that organization’s praise now or in the future? We get it. You slave hard on any show. Your entire life becomes a series. It’s hard work. It’s great to be recognized. And it feels great to write bombastic posts and call people out – but in the end… continuing to want to work in this very small industry…. is this a wise thing to do? The traditional industry is getting smaller and smaller if you want to still color within the lines perhaps the behavior should be within those lines. Otherwise, be prepared to start pitching to Redbull’s digital channel when your series ends. I’ll say it again though – takes balls to write something like this just don’t know if its a wise move. Many are on top for a bit and then never heard from again – you are too talented to let that happen. Hire a mouthpiece so they can muzzle you the next time. Continued success.

  9. Sons of Anarchy is the best show I have ever seen… & I watch Breaking Bad, The Walking Dead, Dexter… Whatever you name it, I watched all those shows faithfully. But nothing keeps me wanting more & still guessing like SOA! Kurt is brilliant! I challenge anyone to watch AT LEAST til Season 3 & tell me it isn’t a master piece. If you don’t love it by then… Then please keep bashing but the ppl who constantly talk down on him or the show really haven’t seen it. Maybe 1 or 2 episodes & probably out of order. Don’t know the story or meaning or follow the timeline. Trust me I was one! I couldn’t understand why my girly ‘gotta have pink everything-the notebook is my fav movie’ roommate was watching a outlaw motorcycle show & was so hooked. I finally decided to see what had her interested & watched it on Netflix (I started watching season 1 when season 5 was still premiering on tv, so yeah I was late) & I didn’t sleep for 3 days cuz I couldn’t stop myself. It’s GENIUS! Now there are those people that don’t like it because they always got something up their butt… It’s too violent, disrespects religion, how dare they have this or that. Those people are just lost. But anyways… Kurt, man I hope & pray that you get recognized by these idiots… But if not, you know deep down in your heart & soul that you made perfection, a masterpiece when you created this & you will forever have some of the loyalist follows of any program! We love ya Kurt!

    1. Your challenge was accepted. I HAVE watched every episode of SOA. And the simple truth is that it’s just not as good as its competition. Perhaps if it had aired in the early days of the new golden age if TV, when there wasn’t the flood of high quality shows competing for awards, it might have snagged an Emmy. But in the current era, it’s just a day late and a dollar short compared to your Breaking Bads, your Mad Men and your True Detectives.your SOA has rare flashes of brilliance but more often than not it’s betrayed by its overwrought, melodramatic soap opera tendencies.

    2. Your challenge was accepted. I HAVE watched every episode of SOA. And the simple truth is that it’s just not as good as its competition. Perhaps if it had aired in the early days of the new golden age if TV, when there wasn’t the flood of high quality shows competing for awards, it might have snagged an Emmy. But in the current era, it’s just a day late and a dollar short compared to your Breaking Bads, your Mad Men and your True Detectives. SOA has rare flashes of brilliance but more often than not it’s betrayed by its overwrought, melodramatic soap opera tendencies.

  10. Well one reason you werent nominated is because your show sucked ass the past two years. I was a fan from the first episode and you even turned me against the show. I especially loved how you did that pussy school shooting and then acted like we were asking for it. The way you put the kid continually in scenes like he was Forest fucking Gump. That was easily the biggest emmy grab attempt since Goose died on ER. By the way, please have your wife stop singing on every fucking show. It is beyond depressing.

  11. I’ve been a huge fan of Sutter’s for a long time but he’s a hypocrite when he calls them money whoring because he’s whored the hell out of this show the past few years.

  12. I, for one, have to wonder how much of the snubbing is based on the fact that fox owns fx – and yes I know about the nominations for Fargo but I think that has more to do with the names of who were nominated versus the show That said, if Sutter were to be nominated for an Emmy I would actually be afraid. It means he spent too much time brown nosing and tut-tutting the powers that be than than spending his creative juices on a show I adore. Especially when you consider that the campaigning time is right when writers for SoA are in the room breaking the new season One can only hope that Hunnam, Smits and Goggins get their dues come next Emmy time

  13. Kurt Sutter is a Brilliant writer, I have been a fan of the show since day 1. So sad this is the last season, hopefully we will see more for Kurt in the future, I am a huge fan! Keep doing what your doing because you are awesome, your a winner in my eyes! Piss on them if they can’t or are just to ignorant to see it!

  14. SOA is one of the most brilliant shows on tv. Kurt Sutter has made such a amazing show. I know that this show has one of the biggest fanbases araround. Can’t wait for season 7. I’m sure we are in for some major surprises

  15. SOA is a fabulous, well-wriiten and exciting show with amazing actors. It is certainly most deserving of an emmy in many categories. However, all I can say is that it is in good company with shows that have been snubbed in the past and present like Rescue Me and The Walking Dead.

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