Promise Me You Won’t Give Another Emmy To Matt Weiner

Matthew Weiner

By my count, the creator of Mad Men who is also widely disliked in Hollywood has given 3,368 Q&As to the various entertainment media recently in hopes of winning another Emmy. There’s one week left for voters to state their preferences. By all means vote for individual actors and others on the show. But don’t give him the nomination. Here’s why: Mad Men sucked for the first half of its 7th and final season. With the exception of the 2nd episode "A Day’s Work" which showcased Jon Hamm and Kiernan Shipka and Elizabeth Moss at their best and featured writing that was at turns funny and filled with pathos, the other episodes were boring. Yes, even that scene in Episode 7′s "Waterloo", where Bert Cooper dies off-camera after witnessing the moon landing then reappears to Don Draper and sings The Best Things In Life Are Free while surrounded by young women, which wasn’t half as entertaining as it should have been. So please deny Weiner. If for no other reason than that he’s trying too hard. It’s unseemly.

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  1. Sorry, wrong number. Thought we were going for the truth here. Weiner might be a wiener -I would hate to write for him- and yes, the 7th season did seem to be coasting when it started, but for my money, it did deliver the goods as promised. Weiner’s staff still delivers some of the best roles ever, for women, with very complex characters. At least Ms. Finke is upfront about her dislike of the man in charge of the show. He’s in good company. A lot of people, Weiner included, have horror stories about working for David Chase. But The Sopranos, and now Mad Men, have changed the landscape for the better. Please don’t hate the hater. I’m guessing there are good reasons that will surface later.

  2. Other than the awful idea of splitting the seasons, Mad Men was as brilliant this season as always, and the show is anything but "boring".

  3. Where’s my comment? As I said before, this show is very excellent and it has kept up a consistently high level of quality. Matt Weiner is an excellent writer and what he has done (both seemingly negative and positive) hasn’t affected the writing quality one bit.

  4. Eff you, Nikki. I have watched Mad Men, and this show is stellar. Matt Weiner is a good man and he knows how to write characters and plot. Good day, madam.

  5. Episode 6, "The Strategy" was the best episode of television in 2014. It was beautifully written, impeccably directed, and Jon Hamm and Elizabeth Moss knocked their scenes out of the park. To not give that episode an Emmy would be an embarrassment to the Emmy’s themselves.

  6. Here’s my question: where does "reporter" Nikki Finke get off telling Hollywood to deny ANYONE an Emmy? She claims that Mad Men "sucked?" when in reality, that is merely one person’s OPINION. Is Finke a journalist, a tipster or an editorialist? She brags about ignoring press releases and "breaking" news but now she’s a critic and a commentator? How about this, Ms. Finke: MAKE UP YOUR MIND. YOU CAN’T BE BOTH. Yet one more sad example of the unimportant Ms. Finke attempting to snatch up some Hollywood "power" (whatever that is) in order to give her new little gossip site some traction. Sad and pathetic. I have no show business connections but it’s tiring to see how a perpetually angry creep like Nikkie Finke continually bashes people in the entertainment industry who are actually trying to create something.

  7. I’m supposed to cast my vote for the Emmys and I wanted to nominate Mad Men, because I found it was great television consistently for most of the seven episodes. This article has shown me that the truth isn’t what I assume the truth to be. It’s what somebody on the Internet claims to be. If somebody says it’s nothing personal and that the show objectively sucks, it must be true, and it should take precedence over my own opinion.

  8. Mad Men is at its best when the focus is on Don Draper’s story. It lagged when it went off him. My hope is that there is a reason Robert Towne was brought on the writing staff and the the last part of season 7 has some fire to it.

  9. Who even cares about the Emmys? This is the same stupid organization that, aside from two measly writing noms, never showed any love for the best show in the history of tv: The Wire. So of course they love crap such as MM.

  10. Ok – that is spoiler for Bert Coopers death. Come on. I saw it. I knew it. But in so many countries they don’t show american shows immediately. That was very harsh to spoiler it like that.

  11. well, that’s certainly your opinion, which you are certainly entitled to. People who actually watch Mad Men, however, absolutely loved Season 7.

  12. I agree this was a very weak season in comparison (though season 6 wasn’t that good either), and the series does not deserve a "Best Drama" nomination because several of the episodes were the worst in the entire run. But episodes 2, 6 & 7 were quite good, and the last two stood with the best in the series. Weiner is insufferable, pretentious and megalomaniacal. But just because he is hated should not influence perception of the work. He doesn’t deserve simply because he doesn’t deserve it. Hopefully he’ll bounce back for season 7B.

  13. I dont agree about it as a bad season. It started poorly, contained some of the worst episodes of its long run — The Field Trip, The Monolith and The Runaways — The Runaways being the worst offender but all pretty darn bad but it still hit me like a ton of bricks at the end. The show is way past its prime — but it delivers more intelligent punch than most shows that havent had several years to fail at coming up with new ideas. The thing that makes me not like Matt Weiner is that he takes credit for everything when you have a bunch of other writers a talented cast and directors and crew there and he believes he does it all. Id vote for The Bridge, Masters Of Sex, Orange is the New Black and House of Cards over this. But it isnt bad at all even if the guy in charge is a boob. My two cents.

  14. I was wondering why he is disliked in this town. I have meet them man a few times and he seems nice enough, a bit full of shit, but who isn’t in this town. Can somebody help me out?

  15. As long as the last episode ends with "You can’t always get what you want" by the Rolling Stones and Don walking away and chucking it all… I’ll be happy!!

    1. t celebrates nothing, it takes place during a sexist era…would you like them to write a historical drama that ignored history? People who get offended by anything that portrays a time in history accurately are weird.

  16. Agree… not another Emmy for this Mr. Weiner. Mad Men has lost it. The attempt at reality (historical) is gone. Why? I watched a recent episode and the "copy writers" were bantering back and forth in uptalk. Endless up-speak, rising inflection, or high rising intonation on every line. Maddening even for Mad Men. Also, the show continued to have little historical authority or sloppy research (a problem with lots of movies and tv). Early on in the series Jon Hamm sent his brother-in-law packing (early 1960s) back to his hometown somewhere in the midwest by train. Hamm put the guy and his family on the Broadway Limited from Grand Central Station. It was suppose to be demeaning – like the poor guy was going to travel day coach with his wife and kids. Only the Broadway Limited was one of the last all-Pullman first class trains operating until the late 1960s. And it left from Penn Station. And with the top door ticket prices Hamm would have faced – he could have bought the guy a new car. Like all series – Mad Men is at the end of the line.

  17. I thought this season of Mad Men was outstanding and the best on TV. However the Emmy for Best Drama this year should go to Game of Thrones for a carefully plotted, well acted and incredibly shot, directed and produced show. Hamm takes the Emmy for Season 7B, Slattery has a shot this year I think. Not a great year Emmy wise for Moss and Hendricks I think. Writing wise episodes 706 & 707 deserve nominations. The show is going down as the greatest of all time if they stick the landing.

  18. Mad Men was so great the first few years. Now I only watch because I have so much invested in it. It officially jumped the shark with the Ginsberg nipple scene. Crass sensationalism. Of this year’s seven episodes, the only one I thought was any good at all was the one where Don returned to work after his suspension. The awkwardness was palpable.

  19. I wonder why everyone hates him. He fires about ten people a year and gives all the solo credits to the writer he’s been having an affair with

  20. Well, it didn’t take long for Nikki’s mental illness to rear it’s head. Anyone know a good place for gossip that DOESNT wish ill will on people?

    1. WON’T SOMEONE PLEASE THINK OF THE CHILDREN??!!!?? That’s some primo pearl clutching right there!!! Nikki doesn’t do ass kissing – she tells it like it is.

  21. Some credit to AMC for botching the final season please! Seven episodes isn’t enough for anyone, let alone Weiner, to build up dramatic tension, then pay off like a boss; by the time the "second half" begins, we all will have forgotten the first half. Bogus decision tom whatever powers that be. For as much as they’ve paid into the Mad Men mythology over the years, you’d think we’d be on the edge of something wonderful by now, but no. The ending is gonna be abrupt and forgettable methinks; and that’s kinda sad.

  22. I already voted, and in the five nomination votes for Best Episode (Drama) I voted for two Mad Men episodes. Let’s not forget Mad Men has more women writers than any other show in contention, and it’s a damned good show. I also voted for a couple episodes of Masters of Sex, which is beautifully written, underrated, and often dramatically highlights the issues that fueled early feminism without ever being preachy.

  23. I have tried on many occasions to get into Mad Men.. couldn’t for long stretches of time. It just bored me. Never got how it is proclaimed to be one of the Greatest Shows.

    1. When I first saw it, borrowing Season 1 from the library, I reached about 20 minutes into the first episode when I realized that I wouldn’t have the patience if I was watching it on broadcast/cable/"realtime" television with commercials, etc. That said, I’d suggest watching via DVD; it reveals itself to be a subtle, drawn-out, thoughtful program with a lot of fascinating things and characters. It seems to model its pacing after dramas like the early Dirty Harry films, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

  24. Crazy about Mad Men. Love, love, love it. Nothing better on tv for a long, long time; probably since Sopranos. Why, Nikki, why? Help me understand. I’ve drunk the cool aid.

  25. Watched this season with my wife. She gave up trying to explain how good it used to be after the nebbish guy lopped off his nipple.

  26. I’ll admit I’m living on a different planet from everyone who’s saying the show isn’t good anymore. The first three seasons were tediously slow and hard to care about; since then (around the time of the Don/Betty divorce and the new office), it’s been consistently knocking it out of the park. Yeah, Weiner can come off as irksome. But the show can speak for itself.

    1. What should get the Emmy? Don’t even know if these shows are nominated but who cares? VIKINGS should get the award for best series, or TURN. LONGMIRE is also a fine show. Some say THE WALKING DEAD but I am not among them. Note that NONE of these shows are on the network.

  27. Most of this year’s 7 tried my patience…but I’ll hang in just to see how it ends…’cause I’ve seen them all… I fast forward when Betty, their dipshit kids and Peggy are on (except when it’s Peggy & Don.

  28. Can’t say I agree about even the second episode. It was torture to watch this season of MAD MEN. The show stopped being about creative people and started being about Hollywood marriages when Megan entered the picture. Won’t be back for more torment next time.

  29. Loving this whole Mad Men backlash. This last half season was as classic as they’ve ever done. Mad Men has always been a meditation, slow and deliberate. For cheap thrills stick to Breaking Bad or Walking Dead. The only reason Weiner wouldn’t be up for an Emmy is because of personal dislike. The product is solid.

    1. I’d disagree. It was painful – could not even finish watching it. Sorry, but when something gets as over-hyped as it did, it usually ends up badly, and I think in this case for me, it surely did.

  30. I can not take the opinion of someone who thinks Elisbaeth Moss is talented seriously…she had the gift of Aaron Sorkin elevating her mediocre ability to start with, and has the same on Mad Men. She’s just constantly playing the same whiny character.

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