Disney’s Bob Iger To Choose His Successor Very Soon

Iger-Mouse smallThe big boardroom story, according to my sources, is that Walt Disney Co Bob Iger has f I n a l l y made the decision to name an heir apparent. So it’s between Tom Staggs, the Chairman of Walt Disney Parks and Resorts, and Jay Rasulo, the Senior Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of The Walt Disney Co.  "People are canvassing and campaigning for this like an election campaign," one insider tells me.  Tom’s the pretty boy. Rasulo’s kinda troll-like." Jay knows how to talk to Wall Street. But Disney loves their leaders fit and healthy." It’s also part of that company’s lore that Michael Eisner plucked Bob Iger from obscurity because he looked good in a speedo.

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  1. I would assume whomever can cut costs the most and make the most (on paper anyway) profits will be the next head of Maus-schwitz…never mind what kind of crap it is they put out (which they’ve consistently done for years so they’ve had to buy creativity & innovative companies like Muppet Studios, Pixar Marvel and LucasFilm…then when it comes time to actually have to hire & pay talent they cry poverty, poor destitute them, sob sob). I for one would like to see the Mouse Empire stop prematurely sexualizing young girls, but then again I’m not their target market (I’m past my tweens and don’t have any kids/grand kids of my own). Thank goodness for that and I guess it’s going to stay that way. As long as I have my DVDs from Disney’s glory days I’m happy though I think it’s sad they have so much contempt for anyone not on Wall Street.

    1. Ms. Sandberg is real beauty, with a demure, feminine presence, and she would always be the smartest person in the room at down at Disney. I’d be "leaning in" keep track of the track record of successes she’d definitely rack up at the helm.

  2. Bob Iger NEVER looked good in a Speedo and all the working out on the VersaClimber could not make it so. AS for Staggs, he has the personality of a wet dish towel and is at his best making the behind the scenes speculations of a strategic planner, besides he’s too old for the new age of entertainment and if you must have a Staggs run the evil empire maybe Cole Staggs would be a better choice?

  3. Do you have any idea what is going on with Harrison Ford? There are all kinds of conflicting reports about the injury he sustained on the Star Wars set. Feels like Disney is downplaying the situation.

  4. I like Staggs. Except for the fact that he spearheaded the forthcoming Avatar Land at Animal Kingdom in Walt Disney World. When Disney licenses someone else’s IP for their parks, it lacks creativity. I my opinion, it’s taking the Disney out of Disney. It’s just lazy thinking and turns their parks into a swap meet. It would be different if Avatar was a Disney release. Plus it doesn’t fit in AK — Too Sci Fi. Doesn’t take place on earth, no animals. I know it has a save the planet message that’s been said again and again in many previous movies, but it’s still a stretch. Marvel, Lucasfilm, Pixar and Muppets are different because they are owned by Disney. They need a visionary running the company.

      1. Pixar and Muppets both had production and distribution agreements with Disney (films and TV shows were released through Disney). And every Pixar movie was already half owned by Disney. Therefore, there was a Disney connection before they bought both companies outright. True, Lucasfilm has been in the parks long before the acquisition. But that doesn’t mean it was right, in my opinion. It seems okay now that Star Wars and Indy are Disney properties. They should stick to Disney properties from now on.

      2. The TWILIGHT ZONE Tower of Terror? Rock and Roller Coaster STARRING AEROSMITH? These are some of their most popular attractions and feature 3rd party IPs.

        1. Only because they’re thrill rides. If you re-theme them to My Little Pony or Good Morning America they would still be popular because one’s a roller coaster and the other is a high speed free fall ride.

    1. Staggs like Iger doesn’t have a creative bone in his body. Like Iger will run Disney by a spreadsheet. Iger has turned Disney into a brand distribution house. Sadly, it’s no longer the company that it once was.

  5. Staggs is the preferred choice. Too bad the LucasFilm acquisition didn’t include Episode 4. Fox still has all distribution rights. Either way, wait until the Star Wars films are released worldwide EST. It will be bigger than the digital release of the MGM James Bond releases. Disney did not over pay for LucasFilm.

    1. Iger is smart to retire. Disney is just about to run out of acquisition gas. PIXAR is mainly doing Cars sequels (Planes 2??) and their upcoming films look a lot more artsy than boffo ticket sellers. The tween girl thing is so over and if anyone can kill off the Star Wars franchise it’s JJ Abrams. Finally, after 6 years of Marvel event movies they’ve just about reached their "sell by" date. Whomever gets the baton likely rides the big dip of the roller coaster right into executive oblivion.

  6. Don’t be surprised if Iger goes outside of Disney for his choice. Remember how surprised everyone was when he chose Alan Horn to run the studio?

  7. Staggs is better than Rasulo. It would be a disaster if Rasulo became CEO. Neither one have a creative bone in their body. They really need to bring in someone from the outside but that won’t happen. I think there stock is gonna crash after Iger leaves as the true cost of My Magic minus get revealed for the boondoggle it is and the fact they are reaching the breaking point of how much they can keep jacking prices at the parks cause the only growth they are getting from guest spending is from price hikes and attendance at the parks may not be falling but guest spending is down and hotel occupancy keeps dropping because of higher prices people are staying off site at Disney World. Universal is about to put some serious hurt on Disney in Florida and they will continue to do nothing about it.

  8. Send Rasulo on a long-term assignment to monitor Shanghai Disneyland. Put in Staggs as a very solid #2. Bring in someone big picture from the outside as CEO. Have Iger stay on as Chairman for a bit. Done.

  9. Wait, wait, wait for it………………………….. Drum roll, please……………………………….. Jeff Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzuuuuuuccckkkeeeerrr!!!!!

  10. Eiger was smart enough to know his strengths(acquisitions & knowing when to fire underlings right before their successes are publics) and weaknesses (being devoid of creativity) He will make a great Governor.

  11. Its staggs, he took the operational role, to prove he could. turned it from losing money back into a profit center. not to mention is in charge of disney tracking device they use which from a process and touch perspctive is a gigantic chore and it seems to have move. He was the CFO prior and worked in banking.

  12. I have worked for both Rasulo and Staggs and can’t imagine Rasulo endearing himself to anyone outside of Wall Street (which, by the way Staggs has also proven to do exceptionally well). The leader of Disney needs to be able to lead and inspire in an open, transparent way. Rasulo sucks the life out of the room and no one can imagine him building strong relationships with creatives and talent in Hollywood. Staggs is very smart, respected and liked which is the winning, post-Eisner combination.

  13. The comment rules above says "The goal is to stimulate a compelling dialogue, not destroy people. Stick to the professional and stay away from the personal and above all don’t bore me." And yet it’s fine for the article to call someone a troll and attack people personally. Hypocritical?

  14. Nikki what’s the real story on Harrison Ford’s set injury? Surely Iger must be sweating a little right now. $4.05b for Lucasfilm & not a single filmed project is complete. Disney have over $1b in production costs riding on the new Star Wars trilogy & bought Paramount out of Indiana Jones but after almost 2 years have no return on their investment!

        1. Stars Wars is pretty much a guaranteed hit, so why wouldn’t the studio make it a priority? Not to mention, while the acquisition was valued at $4 billion, it only involved $2.2 billion in cash. Think about it – movies, merchandise, theme parks and ILM. Do you really think Disney, a company which is valued at $140 billion and in FY2013 made ~ $9 billion in CFOA, is batting an eye right now? If you do, I truly hope you don’t work at a studio.

          1. Yeah, and the Muppets were supposed to be a big fat cash cow too. (buzzer) WRONG!!!! Of course it was Michael Eisner, not Robert Iger, who made that wrong-headed purchase. But Iger caught the buy-the-next-antique-on-the-market fever and snapped up Star Wars and Marvel. Superhero films are very cyclical in terms of box-office success, and Star War’s continued popularity remains to be seen. Nostalgia alone won’t keep a franchise solvent, as the aforementioned Muppet debacle has proven.

          2. I’d like to know what you consider a wise acquisition if not Star Wars and Marvel. And as far as the cyclical nature of superhero movies is concerned ,it has been 14 years since the current wave began with X men ,and the top 3 worldwide grossers so far this year belong to the genre. Every year people predict it’s downfall ,but the genre keeps rolling along. Do you even listen to yourself?

      1. Ford is now confirmed as breaking his ankle he will be out for months & was rumoured to be the co-lead. I should think Iger/Horn are sweating a little when their first SW movie runs into so much trouble on the first day! I have a bad feeling about this……..

      2. If that’s true, why are they rushing to turn LF into a Marvel clone? Why didn’t they release all the projects Lucas had in the can?

    1. Completely agree with Occean. $4.05b for Lucasfilm was an absolute robbery. It only happened because George Lucas seems to have no interest in money.

    2. Don’t forget Lucasfilm is more than just films – 2012 licensing revenues were estimated at $215M. That might not be billions, but its not exactly chump change.

  15. You are now entering the Iger Sanction… Or… It’s, it’s, the Boardroom Blitz… (That omitted "word" – "10,000 (word) profile" is literally driving me nuts on bio page, please WordPress it back in, so the legion of copy editors don’t descend. from any major media outlets.)

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