Cameron Crowe To Do TV Comedy

This would have to be truly awful not to get a series order. CameronCroweJJ Abrams’ Bad Robot is on the verge of announcing production of a Pay TV pilot for a Showtime series created by Cameron Crowe and run by Winnie Holzman. It’s an ensemble comedy set during a U.S. rock tour and tentatively titled Roadies. Crowe will direct the pilot before the end of the year. It is his first foray into television. This Christmas, the writer-director-Oscar winner’s romantic comedy film starring Bradley Cooper, Emma Stone, Rachel McAdams, and Bill Murray will be released by Sony.

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  1. Nikki, On your first post launching this new site you commented about DH and other sites posting press release-like stories. (Which is 100% accurate.) But in fairness, this reads exactly the same. There’s not even mention of the upcoming movie’s title.

  2. Almost makes me want to go back to some kind of satellite / cable TV to be able to watch this immediately…almost. Tempting as it is though, I am so tired of the gigantic jacking around by DirecTV / DISH / other cable outlets that I can wait til this one hits Netflix or Amazon Prime. It’s worth it to me to pay just for what I want & not be screwed around with by Big Media anymore. I find I like being my own director of programming. But hurrah for Cameron Crowe.

  3. I always thought Ian Faith the Spinal Tap manager could have been the main character of another movie about his workings with the roadies and vendors. "FUCK THE NAPKIN!"

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  5. This is an interesting idea. Have there been many previous episodic comedies that changed locations/sets every week the way a roadie series would? (Or maybe most of this show will be set in a big bus…) I’d think that changing looks every episode to reflect different road locations might get pricey if they aren’t careful. (also, Welcome Back!)

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