Weekend Box Office: ‘Jersey Boys’ Tanks, Kevin Hart in ‘Think Like A Man Too’ Tops

BOupdated200SATURDAY 10:30 PM, 2ND UPDATE:  Audiences gave both newcomer pics ‘A-’ Cinemascores but also very different grosses. As expected, Clint Eastwood’s musical is tanking, while Kevin Hart’s comedy is topping even though it’s playing in almost 700 fewer theaters. In fact comedy rules the top two film slots this weekend. Easy lesson to learn, studios: make more laughers.

1. The PG-13 comedy Think Like A Man Too (Screen Gems/Sony – 2,225 theaters) ThinkLikeAManTooat $24M cost double what the original budget was. But it’s playing like a carbon copy of the first so far. It opened with $12.2M Friday after strong West Coast late shows, then -12% for Saturday for $10.7M. The first weekend is still $30+M for what could be the same $33M first weekend. "Maybe deduct a little for a summer Friday but add a lot for summer weekdays next week," a Sony exec tells me. Even with its tired wedding-in-Las Vegas plot. According to Fandango, Think Like a Man Too was outselling previous Kevin Hart movies including Ride Along (which opened to $41.5M and went on to make $134.2M domestic), Think Like a Man ($33.6M/$91.5M) and Kevin Hart: Let Me Explain ($10M/$32.2M), at the same point in the pre-sales cycle. The first Think Like A Man directed by Tim Story was a sleeper hit with audiences and performed remarkably well at the box office, propelling Kevin Hart to become one of the hottest comedic actors in Hollywood.  The follow-up includes Story once again and ensemble cast Michael Ealy, Jerry Ferrara, Meagan Good, Reginal Hall, Gabrielle Union.  All of the couples inspired by Steve Harvey’s best-selling book Act Like a Lady, Think Like A Man are back. Screenplay is by Keith Merryman & David A. Newman and produced by Will Packer.

2. Sony has the top two films this weekend with holdover 22 Jump Street (Sony – doing $9.4M Friday (-64% from last Friday) and $11M (-41%) Saturday for $28M this weekend or (-50%). Cume should be $110.6M through Sunday after passing $100M on Saturday.

3. Another holdover is How to Train Your Dragon 2 (DreamWorks Animation/Fox – 4,268 theaters) which made $7.6M (-59%) Friday and held pretty steady at $10.2M (-41%) Saturday for a $26M weekend (-48%) and a $96M cume through Sunday. Unclear yet if it can make it to the original’s $217.5M domestic all-in.

4. Without any significant uptick in what had been lousy tracking, Clint Eastwood’s Jersey Boys (Warner Bros – 2,905 theaters) Jersey-Boys-Posteropened to only $4.6M Friday. Pic went up +17% Saturday for $5.4M. But now it’s tanking for only $13.5M this weekend at a cost around $40M. I hear the studio wanted the summer release, not Clint, who made more of a drama than a musical about Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons  based on the Broadway production nearing a decade-long run based on the original book written by Marshall Brickman and Rick Elice who also wrote this screenplay. (Might have had more traction in the Fall?) What’s interesting is that it’s the first Clint Eastwood film to get a test screening in a long time. Maybe because Clint wasn’t exactly the natural choice to present Valli’s story which he directed as R-rated for some reason known only to him. Unfortunately the knocks against the pic are that it’s slow, lacked a musical background (seriously), and didn’t come alive until the last 15 minutes including credits.  Biggest mistake might have been not using more artists’ music to set the feel for the time period.  (Don’t feel badly for Clint, however: word is American Sniper was a tough and demanding shoot for him but  looks good. He plans to take a year off from filmmaking afterwards.) John Lloyd who starred on stage in the role in 2005 plays Frankie both young and old while also cast are Joe Pesci (who’s been in the Witness Protection Program apparently) and Christopher Walken. Eastwood produced along with Graham King and Rob Lorenz.

5. Maleficent (Disney – 3,450 theaters) holds on for a 4th week, taking in $4.0M (-33%) Friday for a $13M weekend and $186.0M cume through Sunday.

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  1. Saw JB on the weekend and liked it better than I thought I would. I found the lead actor’s high notes too sharp and the ear-splitting volume that passes for normal in theatres these days was detrimental to the sound of the music. But the performances were good and the story, though slow, was interesting. I knew it would be a character-driven film so I didn’t go expecting a lot of action. I love old movies so I don’t need to be dazzled by overly creative camera placement or editing or special FX – as long as the script is good and the acting at least competent, I can easily go along for the ride.

    1. Saw the stage show twice and the movie this weekend. My two biggest (weirdest?) complaints are the beginning and the end. The stage show of Jersey Boys opens with ‘Ces Soirees La,’ a high energy French version of ‘Oh What a Night’. It gives the show a high energy start. The movie opens with a soft, orchestral version of ‘Oh What a Night’. It lets you know that you might have trouble staying awake. Then, as the movie ends, the audience in my theater started to applaud, but before they could get into it, their applause was cut short with 4 guys singing under a street lamp. That was followed with a ‘Grease’ type ending with all the main stars doing a little walk off dance, and striking a pose and holding it at the end. I’m certain that whoever thought this was going to lead to a huge burst of applause, but in our theater it did not. We were just confused. Still, everything in between was fine. I expect Jersey Boys to have fairly good ticket sales all summer long.

  2. I saw Jersey Boys, first the play years ago, and yesterday, the film…film is not as much fun as the play, but it’s a damn good representation of it, and I enjoyed it. jmofwiw. A nice break from the blockbusters, explosions and superheroes, and I’m a big Marvel movies guy. I also enjoyed the crowd…older and respectful of those around them…man, that was like old times!!

    1. Have never seen the musical on stage, really enjoyed the movie. In a theater with 170 capacity, there were well over 100 there, at a 3:15 show on a Sunday. Maybe Warner Bros. should have pushed for 3,000 plus theaters. Mama Mia! and Hairspray opened up in the summer, did very well.

  3. You have an excellent blog. Keep up the great reporting. My comment on the Jersey Boys is that unless some teenagers are getting shot thru the heart and others are drinking the blood, it is not a young persons’ movie. Us old guys & gals that remember the Four Seasons would to fondly remember these group and not get hit with reality over the head, drugs, etc., in a movie about a singing group that made use feel good about ourselves. If the point was to show how being famous can be (and usually is) a load of crap and no fun with loads of personal problems then the movie succeeded. Why not do a documentary then, and play it on A&E or something?

    1. Seen the jersey boy movie today,i loved it. Dont care about critics or box office, This movie made me feel good. Dont need blood and killing or action all the time. Thats the trouble with the world.

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    1. Hey, don’t shoot the messenger. I was merely quoting what the caste-conscious, misogynist said/wrote. If he can’t handle having the spotlight focused on his vile behavior, perhaps he has chosen the wrong profession. And unless there’s money to be made in starting a movement, I’ll leave the job to someone else, thank you very much. Besides, it looks like he’s down almost $4M from the Think I opening, so hopefully those "dark-skinned black women" are expressing their displeasure with their wallets — the only kind of "movement" someone like Hart understands.

      1. @VivianVance isn’t it hilarious these peons "they" have chosen to rep for him here at an industry insider board. His "fans" are making him look worse as they are lame internet thugs with ridiculous childish attempts to shame bully and censor. Sorry folks cats out the bag. I just got another google alert about KH, chuckling. He is going to be having a much shorter ride than I thought.

      2. The "dark-skinned black women" boycott sure is working. This is how many #1 openings now for Kevin Hart? Four? A brotha makes some money and you can be sure the sistas will try and cut him off at the knees if he doesn’t sufficently kowtow to the Sistahood. Meanwhile Zoe Saldana and Halle Berry have love scenes with white men in practically everything they do. Yet I don’t hear any protests from the brothas. Please take your BS back to Lipstick Alley.

  6. Haven’t seen JB’s onstage or on film, but it does seem an odd time to release the pic, as others here have been saying. Also, if true, the mention that this is the first time WB has tested an Eastwood movie would be quite a seachange for Malpaso at Warners.

  7. I have this feeling even Kevin Hart knows his time in the spotlight as he is now is limited and just going all out to cash in while its going great.

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  9. Clint Eastwood should have watched that sequence in The Other Guys where Will Ferrell gush-endorses ‘Jersey Boys’ because that kind of enthusiasm’s needed for a film version.

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  12. I just saw Jersey Boys. I loved it, but I felt like I saw it in a box of cue tips; white heads everywhere. They should have listened to Eastwood about the release date, it felt like an October film. It’s like Donnie Brasco meets the Temptations. It is a little too melancholy for summer, but I hope the word of mouth spreads.

  13. Since the word "superstar" has been bandied about (inaccurately, in my opinion) in these comments, I thought I’d mention the one REAL superstar who is still in the top 5 after three weeks. Jolie’s Maleficient passed the $450M mark (worldwide) this weekend, earning about $100M more in the foreign market, to date, than in domestic. No other woman in Hollywood can open and earn those numbers in only three weeks, especially not in foreign. (Bullock’s Gravity, by comparison, had a lifetime worldwide gross of $716M, but that was after 31 weeks in release and 7 Oscar wins) And Jolie does it ALONE — no big-name leading man to lure in female attendees, no ensemble cast, just talent. Jolie is the real deal — a REAL Superstar.

    1. I don’t think that is an accurate statement, albeit your opinion. Her films have historically not done well over the years. That is a fact. This is a DIsney film and it has been promoted heavily at all of their theme parks for over a year. Children are not going to see this because she is in, many have no idea who she is. She was perfect for the role and did a fine job, but let’s be realistic about who honestly gets the credit. Just pull her past films and find one in the last 8 years she has opened on her on. There is not one that has been a hit.

      1. Where did I posit that children were going to see Mal because of Jolie? In fact, I don’t even see it as a children’s film, per se. What I DO believe is that foreign audiences are seeing it largely because of her. Globally, Mal holds the #2 position of the top 10 films with $521,580,000 worldwide after only 24 days (a jump from $449M last week). The only film in the top 10 that surpasses it, globally, is X-Men Future, at $692,066,000. Even Godzilla, in release for 14 days longer than Mal, trails it globally at $477.3M. I attribute that to Jolie’s foreign popularity. Having worked in foreign licensing, I look at the industry strictly on a global basis, since I know how much revenue, increasingly, is coming from the foreign market. Of X-Men’s $692M, $475M is from foreign. Of Maleficent’s $521.5M, $335.6 is from foreign. I repeat my position that Jolie is the only woman who can pull foreign dollars at the level he does. Globally, of her last six films, only Changeling (at $113M) failed to earn at least $275M. Her other films: Tourist ($278M), Salt ($293M), Wanted ($341M) and the two Kung Fu Pandas at $631,744,560 and $665,692,281, respectively, could hardly be deemed to have "not done well," now could they?

        1. It’s Disney, that’s why it’s succeeding…Jolie is not nor has ever been a draw. OK, I’ll give you Tomb Raider, but that’s it. As for the rest…so many other reasons… The Tourist? Johnny Depp. Wanted? Ensemble cast and special effects. Two Kung Fu Panda films? Are you kidding me!? No one gives a shit who’s voicing animated characters! Hell, I didn’t even know she did a voice for either movie! And people certainly don’t go to see an animated film because one actor is the voice of one of the characters…it just doesn’t happen, unless that actor is at the height of popularity, like Depp, then, maybe. But Jolie…no way. I honestly think the high box office numbers coming from over seas has something to do with the value of the dollar or something… it’s goofy that the last three XMen movies have had such high numbers from the overseas markets. Maybe the people there just like seeing familiar locations in Hollywood productions, I dunno, but it’s very odd to me.

          1. Its also succeeding because Elle Fanning is so yummy you could eat her up with a spoon. Teenage boys (and girls) have no problem plunking down money to go see her more than once. I assure you she is going to be money in the bank over the next ten years.

      1. And you sound like a hen.. Angelina is a major star and like it or not she is the reason the film is doing well. Why it is hard to acknowledge that is ridiculous. HTTYD2 is based on a sequel that performed well. Everyone and his dog just knew it would kill Maleficent. That it would be the first 100 million open.. It didn’t do half of what Maleficent did.. So say what you want and try to lessen her STAR power. Loonie or not the truth is still the truth.

      2. Harriet, dear, adults are having a conversation about an industry in which billions of dollars change hands. We are attempting to debate how those dollars are derived. So if these discussions are over your head, perhaps you should run on over to the nearest Kardashian site. That way you can stay within the bounds of your intellectual and social milieu.

  14. Very telling that Nikki’s site has three times as many comments on the weekend box office as Deadline does. I didn’t know it was up until today and am switching over. Deadline is dry and seemingly nothing but press releases and SNL videos NO ONE comments on. Good luck here, Nikki.

  15. I reckon you haven’t seen the original stage version of JERSEY BOYS, Nikki. I’ve seen it and enjoyed it, but the movie disappointed me. Clint Eastwood essentially turned a musical about a band’s forming, rising & breakup into a crime drama about some guys who so happened to be in a band. I couldn’t help but feel annoyed by these changes, such as having some of the songs as background music instead of giving them their own numbers or scenes. However, the only one who benefited from these changes was Vincent Piazza, who I love on BOARDWALK EMPIRE. His character had a much more bigger role in the movie than he did in the musical. I want to think that the reason why the movie became "unmusical" was because Warner Bros got cold feet after their ROCK OF AGES adaptation flopped. (I never saw the stage version because it didn’t look appealing, but the movie looked corny as hell.) That, and Eastwood has never been a musical guy. Oh well… Oh, and by the way, the real Joe Pesci isn’t in the movie but he was involved with the Four Seasons in real life. A young actor plays him in the movie.

    1. Love the four seasons. Thank you for your honesty. I was fortunate enough to have seen the broadway play. Compliments of the love of my Mary Ann. The best birthday present I ever received. R.B.

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  17. When will studios, learn that all Clint Eastwood movies are groan inducing slow? Some brilliant work in between the slow bits, but really…

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  19. Evidence of Eastwood’s laziness as a director is not hard to find, but "Jersey Boys" perhaps stands as the new measure of it. What Jack Webb was to television, Eastwood has become to film. One doesn’t have to accomplish a 15 minute scene without cuts, or tilt the camera, or dolly in from outer space to busy up the scene. But one would think there could at least have been an effort to keep the high-fives set in 1959 to a minimum, or to avoid putting a CFL bulb dead center of a shot, or avoiding the driving process shots that are so clumsy they’re only missing Doris Day and Rock Hudson. And, hey, in that "snow" scene wherein Frankie meets in the diner with Gaudio – why not just include a 50s-era teamster wearing rolled sleeves, suspenders and a fedora as he stands atop a wooden ladder tossing fake snow into a fan as part of the shot? At least then it might have passed as some sort of meta-meta message, rather than as just the sloppy effort it was. But I guess those super-human efforts might have meant a day shoot going past 4pm. And, as for offering some consistent direction to the actors so some of them might have appeared to have been working on the same picture as the others – I guess that’s the kind of BS only liberals waste time on. As long as they hit their marks and didn’t require retakes, Eastwood was obviously happy – and always home before "Jeopardy" (or O’Reilly") was on.

    1. Way to unnecessarily bring politics into it, O tolerant one. Why aren’t you out practicing "diversity," promoting global warming and redefining words like "equality?"

    2. Jack Webb was an aesthetic GENIUS when it came to TV directing, you clown. His rigid visual schematic was hypnotic. You clearly don’t know sh*t about television or directing.

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  21. I work at a theatre in the upper midwest and the final two matinee’s for Jersey Boys had a pretty decent turnout of the elderly. If anything I bet this film could end up doing solid all in all if only because of the paucity of grandma & grandpa-friendly releases during the summer slate. I would agree with the criticism that it looks really watered down and vanilla plain.

      1. do you realize you sound like an idiot? …………………………………………….. the posting you’re responding to doesn’t mention what age a grandpa or grandma is – so why would you respond like that ? …………………………….. and even if they did say 52 is Grandpa age – why would say "I’ll kick your m-ding ass" – that doesn’t sound the least bit childish to you? would you speak like that to someone’s face? ….. geez don’t take things so personally – do you really think the poster was addressing YOU specifically?

  22. Jersey Boys and Think Like a Man too are both doing better than predicted. Maybe some people need to get off blogs and actually here what movies people are talking about.

  23. Jersey Boys is one again proving tracking is out of touch and is going to have a great weekend. Tracking must not account for older folks who want to see this movie.

    1. I didn’t see too many older folks in the 20-30 people I shared the theatre with at tonight’s 8 PM showing. That should have been a fall release.

    2. The showing I attended today in Century City was almost sold-out, and at 49 years old I was a spring chicken compared to the rest of the audience. And the movie was good….not great, but much, much better than everything else I have seen recently. My guess is JB will do fine…since when have mature adults rushed out opening weekend to see a film? This movie will have legs….

  24. From what I’ve read, Jersey has a very muted, washed out look to make it look retro. Might have worked in Mystic River or the ever up-lifting Million Dollar Baby, but seems an odd choice for a summer flick. Still, as someone above said, this guy makes good movies as a rule… BTW, I have no idea who Kevin Hart is, which is more of a reflection on me than it is on Mr. Hart, who I’m sure is perfectly wonderful.

    1. Apparently, the budget wasn’t high enough to include color in the late-1950′s/early-1960s sequences. It’s a very weird, affected look that gets in the way of the story.

  25. Kevin Hart is lucky to have a career that is carried by his Black lady fan-base the same women he slanders and makes horrible jokes about, particularly dark-skin BW, how ironic have you seen the guy?.As a matter of fact there ARE informal boycotts against him in the "BWE" (Black Women’s Empowerment) online circles. Google and find out lots of memes about his distaste for them and they have small and growing movements. Its just a matter of time, Kevin has a short shelf life. Ask Taye Diggs and Wesley Snipes what happened when they dissed BW. Answer=career tanked.

    1. Get off Kevin’s back. Nobody has to kowtow to the BW sisterhood. I’ve seen several of his comedy specials and Kevin’s got nothing bad to say about BW expect maybe his ex-wife.

    2. It’s always interesting to come across a hater who despises the fact that hard work does indeed pay off. Although I don’t condone your accusation, I do believe that whatever he may have said is now and ultimately in the past. Undoubtedly, he earned it, so do the world a favor and LET THAT MAN LIVE!

      1. For those in the dark (no pun intended), let’s reveal what Hart actually said about black women, shall we? Here are just a couple of the gems he tweeted: " Light-skinned women usually have better credit than a dark-skinned women (sic)…Broke ass dark hoes…" And then there was this loving tribute: "Dark skinned women take a punch @ da face better than light-skinned women…u soft as(sic) yellow bitches."———— If he had EVER made equally disparaging comments ("jokes???") about gays, he would be forever condemned to suffer the consequences. In fact, he stated in his recent Playboy interview that gays were off limits in his comedy routines. So why should black women (women who look like his own mother and daughter) sit silently by and allow his racist, misogynistic "comedy" to go unchallenged?

        1. Thanks Vivian. I respect Nikki for this board. Those Anons trying to muzzle us just won’t work – sorry. "Hating"= equals immature minded folks trying to shut up adults. Giggle. Sorry Anons here at Miss Nikki Finke’s page we are allowed to have intelligent conversation about Kevin Hart not ride like a childish fan. KH’s rabid ‘fixers’ have their work cut out. Again, his career will tank mark my words. Its a slow and growing boycott movement against his hate on BW. BW are the pocketbook of Black America, not the men, ha. I shall continue to speak on KH in any way I see fit, just as he choses to continue to diss and dog BW. KH is a colorist misogynist with a very short shelf life.

          1. Bam Bam go find pebbles and and dive in a ditch somewhere as if you’ll stop anyone from seeing Kevin’s movies. I don’t really care for him but Kevin will be fine if he doesn’t get too annoying, and sadly that’s when the white people will decide,not really the black women.

          2. Let me guess what sort of fan of his you are "nico" but who cares (I’d say but anybody with a logical mind can guess). Yes, its BW who made this creep and it is BW unmaking him right now go google. Get mad all you want but history has a way of repeating itself just ask Wesley Snipes and Taye Diggs. Yes its obvious you haven’t attended your history lesson. But you don’t matter. People lIke ME are the ones making policy with our pocketbooks passing links and boycotting a moron. Watch the clock on this one your boy is burnt toast no offense to blackened toast, LOL!!!

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    1. How true. Hart will have a short shelf-life in film. I find him off-putting, and usually can’t wait for him to shut up (Oh, and Kevin? Quit that constipated grimacing). I don’t understand the Melissa McCarthy thing, either. Its great to see any woman of a larger size achieve success in the business, but her public appeal seems strictly dependent upon it. If she were 110 lbs. no one would notice her acting.

      1. Agreed, @candypants. Kevin Hart’s clock is ticking. And Melissa will be going on a diet in the not to distant future after her fat-lady routine mucks with her health too much. I do enjoy her as she doesn’t diss anybody except herself unlike Kevin.

        1. The comments about Melissa McCarthy are unpleasant and to be expected given her size. But what is worse, they are also uninformed. McCarthy more than proved her acting chops, and has a substantial fan base as a result of her playing the much loved and central best friend character of Sookie on Gilmore Girls for 7 years. That role was vastly different to what she has done more recently in film and to a lesser extent TV. It can hardly be a matter of surprise to anyone that Hollywood producers having recently seen her be successful in broad vulgar comic roles, are now only interested in her repeating that success over and over. And you can’t blame the woman for making the career best of it. Plenty of other thinner actors seem to get away with essentially making the same film, playing the same roles over and over without this level of vitriol being flung at them. Shame on you!

      2. Honestly, i think KH grimaces so much because he’s so dark that unless you see his white teeth you wouldn’t know where his face was. I’m not trying to be racist, but real. Dark skinned people sometimes aren’t lighted as well in film. (I’m a BW so I’m sure KH won’t mind this comment – LOL)

    2. Thank you thank you. KH is one note and if you noticed he can not carry a film by himself. But kudos to him and "making it". I think there are some deep regressive transformative characteristics during his rants about BW. Many dark skin men have that buried hate red for their skin color…however lets stick the the fact that he is an awesome comedian but as an actor he is a ONE NOTE character actor. I just hope they don’t hire him for the Beverly Hills reboot. Please dear lawdy please.

  27. Lets about other movies…. This week 22 jump street will hold pretty good($25M-$29M) How to train your dragon 2 ($28M-32M) and I think Edge of tomorrow will crawl past $100M, as word of mouth is pretty good though with Transformers opening next week it really has about 20% chance to reach there. Maleficent is looking @ $9M weekend.

    1. Clint’s company I’m sure will still be developing projects. My guess is he’ll be back as soon as he get’s bored playing golf or something great comes along. I love that guy!

      1. You do know the whole "chair" thing at the RNC was an act, right? Seeing him speak about it afterwards, it was obvious that he was reprising the Gran Torino old guy role and hamming it up a bit for the GOP crowd. If one thing is clear from his resume, Clint Eastwood certainly knows how to read an audience.

  28. Yipes, it’s not looking like a good summer for Warner Bros beyond Godzilla! Blended flopped, Edge of Tomorrow is pretty weak even when you count International and now Jersey Boys is looking and Jupiter Ascending has been banished to February 2015. Do they have anything left to offer this summer besides Tammy? Maybe Robinov should have gotten the job instead of Tsujihara.

    1. Godzilla is not really the success people think. It is around $440M global box right now. With an (under)reported budget of $160M and marketing spend of $100M. Legendary/WB will be looking at break-even once it is all done. Legendary keep overspending for fan-boy movies. They need to broaden to a family audience is they want to keep the budgets they have gotten used to.

    2. These are all movies put in motion while Robinov was still at WB. This summer is his final legacy, but Tsujihara and Silverman get to inherit the blame. The real failure at WB this summer seems to be with their distribution planning. Edge of Tomorrow was the best movie I have seen so far, but never should have been released when it was. Edge was much better as an Easter tentpole or holiday (post-Thanksgiving) movie. It never had a chance sitting in the middle of the superhero movies. Jersey boys in June? Someone really though that was a good idea? No matter how good or bad the movie is it should have been released in the fall.

    1. Yeah, because we all know those 20-somethings who are flocking to 22 Jump are doing so because of that Hottie Jonah Hill. That face, that bod! *swoon*

  29. Loved the Four Seasons when I was in high school and they were big. However, just one look at this film I thought it’s a stinker. I have also read that’s it’s not a very honest look at these guys and favors the two who were executive producers on the film. Well, well…whadda ya know about that?

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  31. Clint Eastwood is an over-the-hill nobody. Kevin Hart is a STAR. Nobody wants to see an Eastwood film, while the movie-going crowd LOVES Hart! I love Kevin Hart! EVery goddam movie should star Kevin Hart. How about it, Hollywood? For one year have every movie star Kevin Hart, and see how it goes?? I’m also a Sandler fan and LOVED "Blended" even tho the taste-challenged critics didn’t get it cuz it went over there heads.

    1. @Pt …man. You Kevin Hart trolls are going overboard here which proves his star will sink. STAHS don’t need childish trolls to hype them. Do you see any Angelina Jolie trolls here as she carries the top grossing movie? Stop while you are ahead. And calling a multiple award winning actor/director ‘over the hill’ isn’t even satire its pathetically childish.

  32. Don’t understand all of the negativity and lack of general knowledge about this film (Jersey Boys). How can you say the actors in the film are not top notch. Three of them did over 1200 performances on Broadway. And NOBODY will get Frankie Valli pitch perfect except the real deal. He is after all, one of a kind. These guys do a great job, it is an excellent and entertaining film. And I’m no "Jersey Boy", I’m a "Chicago Boy"! Bravo Clint Eastwood.

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  34. Think like a Man Too will be big this weekend. Kevin is the new Eddie Murphy for some. The film may be front loaded but other than 22 Jump Street there is not much competition. I saw the previews for Jersey Boys and agreed that it would have been more interesting to have seen other singers during that time. Something some of the other films in this genre have done and I think successfully. I also so the trailer for the James Brown film(Get on Up)…which looked more entertaining. I actually saw the Musical and loved it.. It was very successful and if that audience come out the film could do OK..

      1. So Eddie didn’t have Pluto Nash, 1000 words, Metro, Beverly HIlls Cop 3, Vampire in Brooklyn, and Harlem Nights. All box office flops if I remember correctly. I don’t understand the hate on Hart.

          1. Hart has starred in only four films to date — Think Like a Man ($91.5M), Grudge Match ($29.8M), Ride Along ($134M) and About Last Night($48.6M) — so his tenure as a "superstar" spans exactly 1-1/2 years. He is doing ok so far, but to attempt to place him in the same category as Murphy is wishful thinking. Murphy’s first film, 48 hours, grossed $78.8M, his second, Trading Places, grossed $90M, his fourth, Beverly Hills Cop, $234M, his fifth Golden Child at $79.8M and his sixth, BHCop II, $153.M. (His third, Best Defense was a b.o. failure but it was actually a Dudley Moore "starrer.") Those are all 1980′s dollars, and STILL they dwarf what Hart’s freshman films have earned. And even when Murphy had failures in the 90′s, he was able to come back strong with Mega successes like the Shrek franchise, which has grossed over a BILLION dollars. A successful film career is measured by LONGEVITY, not by a handful of successes with someone screeching and mugging identically in each one. So let’s stop putting the Hart Cart before the horse and call Kevin’s success what is is — pure luck, mixed with Hollywood’s never-ending desire to see a redux of Amos and Andy, only in this case, without Andy.

          2. Hart’s Box Office should improve over the next few years, with The Wedding Ringer, Ride Along 2, and team ups films with Will Ferrell and Seth Rogen all coming soon. I wouldn’t be surprised to see his appeal only continue to grow in the future, especially if he releases another Stand Up special.

          3. You can’t count Grudge Match as a starring role for Kevin Hart he was like the third lead in that movie. Stallone and DeNiro were all over the posters and marketing. It’s their flop not his. Also his other movies are very small in comparison. About Last Night had a tiny budget as did Think and Ride Along. All over performed. He’s doing just fine.

    1. I find Hart thoroughly exhausting and not at all funny. And any comparisons to Murphy are, I believe, misplaced. Murphy is a stand-up comedian and a damned good ACTOR. Hart is a stand-up comedian and a clown. His singular, repetitive act — the contorted faces the screeching voice, the manic behavior — is draining. He will never have Murphy’s longevity because he lacks range. A more apt comparison would be Hart and the equally annoying Chris Tucker.

      1. That is an pretty accurate analysis of Kevin Hart. Murphy proven he has comedic range beyond yelling despite some of the horrid movies he’s chosen for the past 10 or 15 years.

      2. Comparing the seasoned mixed-media artist Eddy Murhpy to the one trick pony Kevin Hart is like comparing Arethea Franklin to Adrianna Grande, LOL, hahaha. To say KH lacks range is an understatement. Chris Tucker is his perfect example, watching the clock its ticking time is going by fast he’ll be over in no time.

  35. Who’s brilliant idea was it to turn an audience-pleasing Broadway musical in an R-rated drama?! BTW, Nikki, waiting patiently for your background take (rip?) on what Disney is doing to "Into the Woods."

    1. I loved FV when I was younger. I’m even interested in his story. But this movie looks awful, and the title alone makes me cringe. Really Clint? I’ll still see it, just not paying for it in a THEE-ATER.

      1. Isn’t the title based on the Broadway musical? Don’t think that’s Clint’s fault. That said, I have little interest in the film…seems an odd choice for a summer slot. Of course, the Kevin Hart Hangover rip-off doesn’t look all that compelling, either…what a bummer weekend at the summer box office.

        1. Yes, it’s the same title – easily remedied I’d think? In this age of Jersey Shore’s, it just made me hate it almost as soon as I saw the first clip. There are so many other things he could have named it, but it doesn’t matter as it looks awful from the previews… good weekend to catch up on Orange is the new Black…

  36. That what I don’t understand I hear the movie version is more drama that musical Correct me if I am wrong Jersey Boys is musical RIGHT

    1. Kevin Hart has only one character that he plays in all movies and on his RHOH BET show (same with Melissa McCarthy). Jersey Boys can wait for HBO or other cable outlet. I am sure Clint Eastwood did a great job with the movie, but what bothers me about the trailers is the sound of the lead singer’s voice. He doesn’t get near Franky Vallie. And that bothers me a little.

      1. As for Kevin Hart, I can’t put my finger on why he annoys me. Watching Hart is like seeing a stand-in goofing off while waiting for the real actor to step into frame. He’s also a bit of an assclown during interviews and should be more appreciative of his good luck.

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