Box Office: ‘Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes’ Opens To Bigger-Than-Expected $104.1M Wkd


SUNDAY AM, 6TH UPDATE: Overall weekend moviegoing was down again (-20%) as Hollywood worries over grosses plunging -19% from last mid-summer’s. Which is why it took on more importance that media are praising an apes movie as classic Western, Godfather-esque, even Shakespearean. Or that this valuable motion-capture 3D franchise was entrusted to a TV co-creator (Felicity) and small horror films director (Cloverfield and Let Me In). That, boys and girls, is how you circumvent sequel mistrust and open a summer tentpole bigger than expected.

1. Twentieth Century Fox-financed and Chernin Entertainment-produced Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes earned an A- Cinemascore from audiences, stellar reviews from critics, and now is overperforming. Friday’s domestic box office targeted $27.7M and Saturday’s $25.5M for what may be a $73M first opening weekend from 3,967 U.S./Canadian theaters. The only question unanswered is how much Sunday’s World Cup soccer final will hurt grosses. Friday’s figure included Thursday’s $4.1M from 10 PM late shows BOupdated200and midnights at 2,750 runs. The Matt Reeves-helmed sci-fi heavy special effects-laden actioner cost a whopping $170M  (almost twice as much as the first) which Fox solely financed, according to the studio. "Great number, great start," a Fox exec says confidently. Opening weekend gross domestic wound up +33% more than the previous Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes which had a $54.8M opening. Exit polling showed the Dawn audience was 58% male/42% female, with 55% aged 25 and up/45% older than 25, including 47% Caucasian, 23% African American, 16% Hispanic, and 14% Asian.

Until Friday afternoon the studio was still trying to lower expectations to $55M-$60M for the first FSS after last weekend’s lousy Independence Holiday results for overall moviegoing and the -19% downturn at midpoint in 2014 summer grosses. Big ticket-seller Fandango reported that Apes was scooping up 70% of all pre-sales, exceeding where the first pic was at this period. Reviews have been stellar with an astonishing (and rare) 91% positive on Rotten Tomatoes. Internationally, pic opens day and date in 28 markets, including Australia, South Korea, Southeast Asia. Like the first film, sequel should make 50% of its global grosses overseas. Opening weekend gross internationally was $31.1M (26 markets but only two majors – Australia and South Korea) for an opening global cume of $104.1M.

So how do you market with any freshness an apes vs humans movie that’s been reimagined 8 times between 1968 and 2014, rebooted 3 times, and this latest franchise installment is a sequel? Hell if I know – except to incorporate Andy Serkis (reprising Caesar) nonstop. (Though I did burst into laughter the first time I saw the long Dawn trailer for no other reason that there were apes, apes, APES everywhere!) Dawn100But Fox had to do it because all these apes are responsible for half a billion dollars in domestic theatrical gross alone. "It’s an Ape World and we are all living in it, that’s for sure," a Fox exec told me tonight. So the studio kicked off the Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes campaign a year ago with a Simian Flu infection of the 2013 San Diego Comic-Con via PSA-type social posts, a virus-awareness micro-site, and sanitary masks + hand sanitizer gel for fans to take home. Other highlights included Fox delivering a sneak preview during the season finale of AMC’s hit show The Walking Dead. And Andy Serkis taking over the @ApesMovies Instagram account for the day during WonderCon. And the film doing a live Google+ Hangout at YouTube Headquarters, a cast Twitter Chat at Twitter Headquarters which ended with the Red Carpet global premiere. Fourth of July social blitz garnered 5x average engagement from millions of fans. Finally, Fox employed Vice Media’s Science and Tech arm to create 3 original short films detailing the 10 years between the two films and the effects of the Simian Flu on society. Plague Inc introduced the Simian Flu into the popular game. Screenplay was by Mark Bomback and Rick Jaffa & Amanda Silver, based on characters created by Rick Jaffa & Amanda Silver. Producers were Peter Chernin, Dylan Clark, Rick Jaffa, Amanda Silver. And the cast besides Serkis included Jason Clarke, Gary Oldman, and Keri Russell.

2. Transformers: Age Of Extinction (Paramount) Week 3 [3912 runs] PG13
Friday $4.8M, Saturday $6.6M, Weekend $16.5M, Cume $209.0M
International Cume $543.5M, Worldwide Total $752.5M
3. Tammy (Warner Bros) Week 2 [3465 runs] R
Friday $4.0M, Saturday $5.0M, Weekend $12.5M (-42%), Cume $56.9M
4. 22 Jump Street (Columbia/Sony) Week 5 [2811 runs] R
Friday $2.0M, Saturday $2.6M, Weekend $6.7M, Cume $171.9M
5. How To Train Your Dragon 2 (DreamWorks Anim/Fox) Week 5 [2885 runs] PG
Friday $1.7M, Saturday $2.3M, Weekend $5.8M, Cume $152.0M
6. Earth To Echo (Relativity) Week 2 [3230 runs] PG
Friday $1.7M, Saturday $2.1M, Weekend $5.5M (-34%), Cume $24.5M

IFC FILMs’ much ballyhooed Boyhood from Richard Linklater started its run today in 5 NY and LA theaters with a very respectable per screen average of $71,800 for what Boyhoodsmshould be a $359K weekend. The R-rated indie film scored 100% fresh on Rotten Tomatoes, which is almost unheard-of, and already is Oscar-buzzed. I’m a sucker for sassy marketing, and pic’s dealmaker/producer John Sloss emailed to influencers a "Time Back Guarantee: That if you are not absolutely thrilled by Boyhood and/or consider it not to be a good use of your time, I will give you that time back by performing any of your customary chores for up to 2 hours and 43 minutes." Pic 12 years in the making already has an awards consultant. And IFC President Jonathan Sehring, who greenlit and supported it, is telling media this is his favorite project of his entire professional career.

  147 comments on “Box Office: ‘Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes’ Opens To Bigger-Than-Expected $104.1M Wkd

  1. Why can’t people just go to a movie to enjoy the picture? Why must there be social, political, and discriminatory tones on a forum about movies? What anyone chooses to see doesn’t reflect their views. This is some of the worst nonsense I’ve ever seen. Unless you have case studies that link movies to your shortsighted views, stfu! Either your interested in the movie or your aren’t. But it’s funny that many troll a movie forum when they "don’t care" about the movie. Don’t get mad at those of us who like a time out from reality and allow our imagination to be entertained, from time to time. Like the joker said, "Why so serious?"

  2. These forums need a moderator to keep the idiots out and the discussion focused on the business and not become a pit occurs by knee jerking political trolls.

  3. We went to the AMC with those reclining leather seats, and saw this in 3D, it was a pretty decent movie and really wasn’t boring at all. I was reluctant having to remove myself for a minute to visit the mens room, and asked if I missed anything. This new 3D is better than I thought and nothing, and I mean NOTHING compares to those awesome seats at AMC. We reserve our seats and pay when we get there, what a great concept.

  4. A movie about talking monkeys we supposedly evolved from… are there any adults in the room? And if so, are you sure you are one? Sounds like the junior high set has a movie for its generation.

  5. I used to go to a movie once a week, but recently I don’t go as often because the movies being released are so dreadful. Apes was a decent movie but I paid for 3D and I will NEVER do that again. What a waste!

  6. I liked it. Only gripe was the apes instant mastery of firearms and the AR-15′s they used firing fully automatic, which they are not. Humans also seemed particularly stupid in their defense of their city. Movie ends completely set-up for a follow up film.

    1. That was odd to me too. I know apes have more dexterity than humans but come on! I would’ve understood throwing grenades… Not only were they accurate, they were accurate while riding horses. Smh

  7. Just another liberal appeasing movie made for the ever increasing useful idiot populace who vote for whomever Matt Damon or Sean Penn tell them to vote for.

    1. The idiot populace is useful? News to me. Good to know Nick. Watch out everyone, this article has been linked in the Drudge Report. Pathetic people such as this moron will be all over these comment boards.

  8. Jeez. Its a Planet of the Apes movie. Why all the sturm and drang? I don’t know why every big summer movie is greeted as the end of civilization around here.

    1. Years later, she recalled her discomfort after Polanski asked her to lie down on a bed. “I said, ‘No, no. I don’t want to go in there. No, I don’t want to do this. No!’ . . . We were alone and I didn’t know what else would happen if I made a scene. So I was just scared, and after giving some resistance, I figured well, I guess I’ll get to come home after this.” Like a true gentlemen, while Polanski was raping her, he asked Geimer if she was on birth control. Modal Trigger Roman Polanksi at Cannes in 2012. Photo: AP Polanski fled to Europe rather than face jail. But Hollywood protected him and turned him into the victim. Petitions for him were launched by major Hollywood names like Martin Scorsese and accused child rapist Woody Allen. In 1979, he was nominated for an Oscar, and in 2002, he won the Academy Award for best director, which he could not accept in person to avoid arrest. In short, because Polanski (like Woody Allen) was a notorious liberal — his 2010 film, “The Ghost Writer,” depicted a British prime minister, loosely based on Tony Blair, as a tool of a bizarre conspiracy orchestrated by a loosely fictionalized Bush administration and the ever-evil Halliburton — he is allowed to rape anyone he wants

      1. I’m not sure why you post this here since it is not his movie nor the movie of those who supported him. However, I think it is a good recap of what happen and those who work in Hollywood would support such a man but you could have stated that it was Jack Nickolson home where the rape took place and he is still upset about the situation.

  9. can’t wait to see the ratings for World Cup, with all the hype that soccer is catching on. Is this an event with USA involved. NO. So would be surprised if ratings even put it in the top ten for the week, and doubtful it will pass the hype over the ratings for USA Germany which as reported, was less than a woeful Sunday night football match up.

    1. LOL except that the US vs Germany game was on a Thrusday morning in the US, sorry buddy, soccer is rising in the US, and the World Cup final ratings in the US will show you since its on a Sunday ;)

  10. It’s a shame how ridiculous some of the comments are here when Nikki covers box office. Do some of you even *like* movies? And really, do you have to look at every facet of life through a political lens?

    1. I can always tell by the comments when a Nikki Finke story is linked to Drudge Report. It’s like attending my family reunion in the South.

      1. It junks up the comments section here. I like reading opinions of people invested in the movie business, hell, I’d settle for people who merely like movies.

  11. There hasn’t been a single franchise movie that I’ve even wanted to see this year, including Apes and I adored the original Apes movies. Not watching grown men get paid millions to kick a toy ball around a field this morning either.

  12. Lowballing opening weekend expectations is great strategy so studios can slap "Exceeded expectations!" "Overperformed!" in headlines. Positive spin = best marketing. That said, Dawn was excellent and, in boxoffice terms, it did what sequel is supposed to do – opened significantly bigger than the first movie. Nevermind inflation and 3D, some franchises max out with the first movie and sequels drop even with advantages that boost numbers (Star Trek: Into Darkness). So good job, Apes. Critical response went up, fandom response went up, opening weekend went up. Triple score. Hopefully Marvel will underplay GOTG expectations and won’t get carried away with fanboy overpredictions that are already popping up all over the place. Better claim exceeded expectations than launch thousand What Went Wrong threads.

  13. The dumb dumbs; who believe Dinosaurs are real after watching Jurassic Park and Machines are a species from another planet; will believe the Propaganda in this film.

    1. Agreed…100%. When you look at the choices for a movie, soccer starts to sound good…and I don’t do most sports. Think I’ll watch Idiocracy….it’s starting to look more realistic.

      1. Not much of a plot. Apes and humans meet, fight, sort of make up, then continue fighting. Meanwhile loud noises and ape drivel sounds. Who wrote this pap?

    1. That’s what you got from the film? I got a slightly more evolved message … no one group is purely evil nor is one group purely good.

      1. "no one group is purely evil nor is one group purely good." That message is played out, its been a theme in movies and tv shows since the late 90′s, time to make the black and white messages new again in this cycle of life ;)

  14. Total Cliche and Racist Propaganda, with the option of races to choose from. This flick digs back all the way to Birth of A Nation for the cliches. Yuchhhhh; I was expecting more and better CGI, too. This is typical of Hollywood lately; as the thinking must be "better a killer opening and mediocre returns than respected art" …or could it be that the audiences today are really "zombies"?

    1. What racist propaganda? There are heroes and villains on each side. I was actually impressed by the way the film steered clear of the usual Hollywood cliches. And what, specifically, was amiss with the CGI? Again, I was pleased at how believable the CGI was, and I particularly appreciated the way the film dialed back from the typical overdone effects.

    2. I agree with you. It is shame that so much was spent on the costumes and effects, but the plot is very poor and more propaganda then anything else. When I saw the film I missed the first half an hour and I did not even try to see the parts I missed.

      1. So you missed the first half hour — when they set up the story and characters — and then complain about the plot? Maybe, just maybe, stop me if this is crazy, you would have enjoyed the film if you had experienced the film as it was intended. I mean, really, who shows up half an hour late and acts as if it doesn’t matter?

  15. Total Propaganda piece. As Usual…"we need a war, because we have a problem" Total Crap, taken frame by frame, the CGI was too blurry to follow in any detail, and may as well have been stop-action from 50- years ago. What’s with the face paint? Are the Indians off the reservation …again? I mean, too many cliche bits and pieces with overtones of racist rhetoric for me to count.

    1. The movie was well directed, well acted, and the CGI was amazing, it was the script that was weak, predictable, and had more hidden and not so hidden social messages than Boyz N the Hood

  16. was definitely better than transformers > lol movie poster likeness Optimus Prime riding an ancient dinosaur transformer Caesar riding a horse DotPotA was a good flick…..GO SEE IT!

    1. DON’T "go see it." Hollywood needs to die. It’s time for the Dawn of the Independent Film Makers. Time for all of this old trickery, smoke and mirrors just to keep the industry alive. All the real talent goes into the spin… to trick everyone into paying to watch what is now almost certain to end up as a p. o’ s. Having said that, the very next two post following this person where negative. Hum, make’s you wonder. A quick poem if I may… Die Hollywood, Die. Take all of your washed up, old, stung out alcoholic, drug addicts who bought into the lies about themselves… Not one of them is worth more, or has more to offer society, or is more talented or etc, etc, etc… than the guy acting for coins on the street corner outside. Die Hollywood, Die.

      1. Well said: Trickery, smoke and mirrors keeps the industry alive. Studios rely on a good marketing team and pure distraction so that people don’t notice that most of the product is awful.

  17. Almost as boring as Titanic. Please….just kill them all off. Put us out of our misery. Plus, why would anyone think that anyone in California, let alone San Francisco, could fend off ANY threat to the nation or world. Where in the hell did all the guns and ammo come from considering you can’t buy a water pistol in California without a body cavity search. Oh and by the way, since when to apes have hair. Cesar has hair, not fur.

  18. Oh and by the way, I sat through the first 5 movies while I was babysistting for my nieces and nephews plus ten of their friends in 1974. Much better than this one.

  19. I did not think the that there was a movie worse than the 2012 Ape movie, but I was wrong. Boring Boring Boring. If my neck didn’t hurt I would have fallen asleep. You could not feel empathy or hatred for EITHER side. Weak characters and it took them FOREVER to make a point. Seriously, do not waste your valuable weekend time or money. Wait until it comes out on DVD at the $5.00 Walmart bin.

  20. It is a cinematic marvel, however, in the dark times we are currently IGNORING (As a nation) it is hard to watch things going to a violent h e l l at the hands of monkeys….or anything else for that matter ….EVEN in a movie. I found it troubling and a bit threatening . Wrong movie at the wrong time for me.

  21. Its a movie eat your popcorn watch the movie and when its over get up and dont block the isle. Why do you people get so wrapped up in this? its a frickimg movie loke it hate it whatever move on. If only obama had an ape.

  22. Boyhood deserves all the acclaim it’s receiving. I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was honest, believable, refreshing and best of all, no one had to save the world from alien invasions.

    1. What is honest about a stockpile of guns and ammo in California, hair (not fur) on Cesar and the fate of the world coming down to California defending. No wonder the apes took over.

  23. glorified cartoons is all this mostly computurized crap really is and the public loves killings and harshness. sad thing is grown adults likes kids entertainment. well, when the lead ape wins an oscar, he should wear the ape suit.

  24. So…is this a result of having made a really good film? Or just a function of simply having nothing else out there worth the watching? The Multiples will tell.

  25. Your comment is what gives conservatives like myself a bad name. There is no place anywhere or anytime for such a racial comment you idiot.

  26. Its hard not to think of the general theme of "The Lion King" plot in various aspects throughout the movie but particularly near the end.

  27. Original movies had humans being mute (never explained why) – possibly just to make the stark difference with Col Taylor vs. other humans.

  28. Loved the original Charleton Heston movie. Was watching some of the sequels on television this past week. The masks of the 1968 to early 1970s were lame compared to modern makeup and CGI shown in the trailer. The old movies didn’t even attempt to hide human stature and posture on the so called apes. Orangatans don’t look like a guy with long blond wig. Trailer looks awesome, but not sure I want to fight crowds when it will soon be on DVD.

    1. You mean you think today’s effects are better than those of 45 years ago? I really never noticed I’ll have to do some research on the matter. Thank you so very much for the heads up.

      1. But, that doesn’t necessarily make a movie better. We don’t pay the extra for the 3D – if the story is good enough, 2D is fine. I do like surround sound, which beats the H out of the tinny window hanger speakers of the old drive ins. The old Star Trek shows in the 1960s had virtually no special effects – the stories worked. The first Star Trek movie was long and drawn out to emphasize special effects. Just because special effects and CGI are so realistic today, doesn’t make a great movie. Remember how scary Psycho was and it was black and white. So far, I’m impressed by the trailer, but haven’t seen the movie. I was just pointing out how what was cutting edge makeup in the originals is laughable by today’s standards. However, the ending of the original Heston movie still is a classic – unexpected at the time.

  29. Saw the Ape sequel last night. CAUTION SPOILERS AHEAD: 5 in our group:, 22 y.o. male, 20 yo male, 17 yo female and 2 50+ adults. 22 yo liked it. The rest, not at all. 2+ hours of boring dialogue, plot thin ( guns bad, apes with guns worse),; suspension of belief broken by the apes immediately, with no prior training, able to very successfully use high powered weapons (and they found the correct ammo for all weapons and loaded them quickly and I guess carried extra ammo with them in invisible luggage cause they never ran out) plus the humans who had survived the virus 10 years ago were a quite intellectually challenged group. Come on! All the autos with gas just laying about and they never thought, "hey! Let’s drive down the coast and see if others survived!". Acting not bad, but not much to work with. (Yes, I did see similarities to Hamlet/ Lion King). I did like the Ape Caeser s role, but sequel not what I expected from this series.

    1. The film was absolutely incredible, anyone judging it based on the trailers is a knucklehead. The story was amazing, the acting was top notch, you actually care about the characters on both sides. It is one of those rare sequels that belongs alongside Godfather 2, Empire Strikes Back and Aliens. It is THAT good. Let’s put it this way, I saw it in a theater known for talkative audiences…no one was talking throughout the whole thing and people CLAPPED and stood up at the end. Give it a chance. You won’t be dissapointed.

    2. good for you, i did pay to see this movie. it only took 30 minutes say "this movie its GARBAGE" its really a liberal propaganda movie, " GUN are evil, People are evil". The plot and the acting was weak and not convincing . the Music was OVERDONE. if you like animals this its not a movie for you, it has very violente scenes against animals.

      1. You obviously needed to watch the rest of the movie. There was really only one character who I think could rightly be called evil, and that was an ape. Everyone else, whatever their role in exacerbating the situation, does things that are reasonable given what they know, what they need, and what they have experienced. The film starts like a simplistic "Dances with Wolves" set up, but one of the major themes of the film (which is hard to miss given that it is stated outright by Caesar in the final act) is that the world is more complicated than "us good, them bad". As Roddy McDowell once said (in a completely different franchise), people are the same all over.

        1. Roddy McDowall in the POL hair and mask reminds how campy the original was, a kind of mitigating factor. The current saga is too CGI hyper-real to have the necessary wink of campiness that allows the story to be less in your throat. And here’s the storycraft insight from all these bing bang tentpole franchises – they necessarily must be remakes and reboots because the digital pyrotechnics so overwhelm the audience that character development is impossible – so the franchises must already come frontend loaded with a known superhero, TV series, char-concept etc. Singularity has already happened in the movies in other words. Planet of the humans needs character development back. CGI is the glory hog that needs to go back in service of enhancing char dev rather than obliterating all chance of it.

          1. Campy? 40+ years from now the world will likely not consider Sharknado and Twilight this generation’s Citizen Kane.

      2. Did you really see the movie? Spoiler Alert: Slick Koba was totally hyped on vengeance. In leveling the playing field for apes – he displaying 100% pro semi automatic aggression and he was a quick learner. Buy another ticket

        1. Sharknado was made-for-tv, not a big tentpole $200 M USD barn burner o budget. And. Sharknado is a hilarious concept because it is campy, a risk that would be hard to take on a huge film (but someone should, ps).

    1. I don’t think my ‘boyhood’ lasted as long as that movie. Wow. Someone tell film makers that some of us actually have a life and can’t spend all our vacation days at a movie.

  30. Would rather see a toy poodle playing piano than sincere Primates or insincere bigrigs that are actually sarcastic Alien space technology. Not that Tammy works either, but actual humans on human scale are involved… 2014 Summer of Sighs at BO. Where have all the great character’s gone, and why did they have to take storytelling with them?

  31. Late boomers have a soft spot in their heart for the ’68 original. The excellent reviews and great word of mouth are definitely drawing ( and will continue to draw) the elusive 50+ demo. Make it great and they will come.

  32. Nikki, are you watching these movies before commenting on them? Rise of the Planet of the Apes was actually an excellent, and fairly well reviewed reboot of the franchise. Dawn is well reviewed because it is a quality piece of popcorn entertainment. Summer DBO would not be down 19% YOY if the films were quality so this is a nice exception. Spoiler alert: Audiences show up for good movies.

  33. Cheer up Gary Oldman, those Jews who run Hollywood made a hit movie and you will make extra net profits on this movie unless they cheat you. Be happy Gary Oldman be happy!

  34. $170M is a lot they should have made this for $120M they overspent on this by $50M. I know the effects are great but this could have been made for a lot less.

    1. Considering ‘anonymous’ is probably a couple dozen different people, you just called the mass public idiots. That explains the box office results …

  35. Just got home from seeing Apes and it was EXCELLENT! Even better than the first one, and the EFX are simply amazing. This will be the highest grossing film of the summer hands down, and will be playing for a long time. Good job Fox!

  36. The international release is being staggered, so most overseas markets won’t get the film until after the World Cup is over. Its bound to do better than the first one, as expectations for the first film were pretty low. Word of mouth worked for the first film because it was so well done. Based on reviews, this one is too. Not sure why one of the posters thinks this film is not a "real" franchise. The original film spawned four sequels, a TV series and an several comic book series, an animated cartoon, plus the 2001 Burton "reboot". That looks like a franchise to me.

  37. Locally in Jersey there were TWO shows, a 3D 10 PM and a 10:30, went to the 10:00 – good crowd, certainly not sold out though, and old school crazy lines and crowds not to be found. Maybe AMC’s double feature at special theaters with the "gimme" gift merchandise will pump things up. But there does seem to be this saturation point in America where people are saying to themselves, vis a vis these events, a.) do I really need to see this in a theater? and b.) there certainly isn’t any hurry. It’s not like I’m gonna miss it if I don’t want to. Granted not in a traditional vacation area where the numbers might be much better begging the question : honestly, is there any urgency to get to these movies the first weekend? In terms of the desire to do so rarely these days. Not so much I think. The changes in book publishing are impacting movies too in the long run I think and I think that impact is just becoming apparent. The real phenomenon this summer – if you do the math – is "The Fault in Our Stars". Underlying material that is a good old-fashioned book with a wide audience and readership. Marginalize and degrade books and you marginalize and degrade pictures in turn in my opinion. Saw the trailer for "Unbroken" last night and it makes it look terrific.

  38. First movie was pretty weak anyone tried rewatching it….very hard work to sit thru again. I cannot see the sequel being anything special it will be lucky to come within 10-15% of the first movie box office wise. Apes is not even a proper franchise to begin with………..

    1. Dude, you’re a moron..the first is very rewatchable and the sequel is STELLAR !! Your way off base …Dawn May be the BEST movie of the summer so far and definitely one of the few sequels that’s BETTER than the original. "Not a proper franchise " ?? FOH !!

      1. I have to agree, it is the best film of the summer slate by a WIDE margin. Blew me away at how good this film was. See Hollywood, this is how sci-fi should be done (although I thought Edge of Tomorrow was great too.)

  39. I don’t think expectations are going to be met. At least not globally, because this weekend is the World Cup finals. So people are going to be watching the games, instead of going to the movies. I know I will.

      1. Don’t believe the hype, most Americans don’t care about the world cup! The studio and media are just using it as an excuse should the movies bomb this weekend

  40. Compared to other sequels released in July, I don’t see why this is positive midnight result. All July sequels that opened above $55 million have earned at least $8 million at midnight – with the exception of Captain America: The First Avenger which is arguably part of a bigger franchise and thus probably had a more sequel-like box-office run. That film made $4 million at midnight.

    1. So it IS performing like Captain America: TFA. That movie earned $25.7M on Friday incl $4M from midnight. However, I think Dawn will be less front-loaded.

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