133 comments on “ADVISORY TO READERS

  1. I’m about to give up. Is it possible Nikki is now somewhere cavorting with Judge Crater, Amelia Earhart, Glenn Miller, D. B. Cooper and Jimmy Hoffa?

  2. As much as we enjoy her writing and her peaking the 250,000 threshold there’s something distasteful with long drawn-out teasing and the secrecy of her next TBA gig, could she really be insecure or perhaps RETIRED? Where is Finke and what is she waiting for? Ms Thang is really taking way too long and the whole diva act it’s getting a little stale. Come on

  3. Geez are you ever going to say what you are doing? I have been checking this website since you left abruptly and zero has happened.

  4. I really miss your honest journalism, Nikki. Your return can’t come soon enough. You’re one of a kind in what you do, and I hope you get all the personal and business support that you need.

  5. hey nikki how bout just telling us you are ok…miss you and your insight and all that is you. will support you wherever you go. hope you are happy and well.

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