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  1. Hey Nikks! I’m from the heartland/flyover part that usually gets ignored. Just lettin’ you know —— Here in the hinterland we miss reading your work. Hope everything works out for you, Stay strong. We are waiting for your next big thing.

  2. Talk about censoring and only showing one side of the story, these comments sure whitewash some of your really hurtful remarks Stay Away

  3. Wherever you are, you’ll always have a reader in me, Nikki. Stay strong! Joan did it, you can too! Can’t wait to see you back. -_-

  4. Without Nikki we don’t get the rest of the story. Everyone else may only report the end result, but only Nikki tells us why it came to be. She’s earned every ‘Told’ja!" she’s posted. I can’t wait to see what is up next for one of the best writers online.

  5. You’re like that first cup of coffee in the morning. If it’s not there the rest of the day is all downhill. Looking forward here in K.C. to your speedy return!

  6. Hey, I like compelling dialogue as much as the next guy or gal, so if a few people have to get destroyed along the way for that to happen, them’s the breaks because, as far as I’m concerned, reading NikkiFinke.com is a right that’s damn right.

  7. I’ve been following the narrative through other "news" outlets and let’s just say I’m skeptical about *how* it’s being reported. "Violation of a non-compete agreement"…?Riiiiight. And I have an ice vending franchises for sale in Siberia. – - – Okay…yeah…I have no doubt that’s what the Penske shysters are claiming, thereby rendering it immediately suspect. – - – So I *am* staying tuned…especially now that the rumor (I refuse to call it "news") is reporting that you may be going *back* to the dark side?!? Again…*rumor*. And I think I smell a Penske plant somewhere in that claim. – - – So you obviously have much to think about, but just know that we’re here with ya. An appropriate Dave-ism here might be: "I’m a rebel…you’re a rebel…what the hell, let’s rebel!"

  8. I’ve been so busy the last few weeks. Just found out the site was down. Hoping to see you back in some form again Nikki.. We girls have to stick together.. After all we rule the fucking world so we have to keep things together. Keep your self respect. It is worth more than any thing.

  9. Glad you’re okay. We were concerned, but we knew you would rise again, like the journalistic phoenix you are. You’ll always have an audience anxiously awaiting our next incarnation.

    1. You are right and the bastards are wrong. Never forget it. Don’t worry, we’ll be here waiting for you. Nikki stand strong.

  10. Stay in LA, your site was Made in LA, #TeamNikkiFinke. And. Stinks and stones won’t break your bones, but when you break the story of who posted the content on Hostgator… Oh snap… Go Nikki.

  11. I cannot wait for your good news, Nikki. I’ve been checking your website, NYT to see how you are and where since last week. At the risk of sounding clichèd – know that you are a beacon – not just of knowledge, fight and journalistic craft but of integrity, grit and passion. Editor and critic, Clifton Fadiman (1904- 1999) said something about reading classics that is germaine to your style: "…you don’t see more in the book than you did before, you see more in yourself than there was before…" Your writing refracts that kind of light and insight, Nikki. With only good, good wishes for what is next. Mar Sulaika Ochs: The Story Goddess

  12. You are the best. I wish there were some way for you to publish on line within Drudge’s page. Anyway, best wishes and good luck.

  13. Just discovered NikkiFinke. I am very interested in truth being told. Hope she goes to DC and writes about the corruption, lies, and coverups. I am fed up with powerful men and women abusing that power and pretending to care. Find the truth wherever it lies. I am a future supporter and watch for your posts.

  14. I’ve learned to be very patient when it comes to Nikki! She’s well worth the wait. Looking forward to her future plans, whatever they may be!

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